OutdoorMaster Launches eCommerce Website

IT’S HERE! OutdoorMaster’s own eCommerce website. We are proud to announce the launch our new website with direct sales, better showcasing of our products with more media and user generated content.

This is another step in our journey to get more people outdoors by us being able to reach even more people.


Direct sales

You can now purchase OurdoorMaster products directly from us, and we no longer sell our products exclusively through Amazon, providing you with a more personal customer service and much improved showcasing of our products.

We currently only process orders within the USA, but we are looking at starting to serve the European market in the near future as well.

User generated content through Instagram

What we love the most is to look at all of our customers amazing images that they share on our hashtag #outdoormaster and we have now introduced a page dedicated for our hashtag, as well as included your best pictures straight on our product pages.

We hope that this will lead to us having a even stronger connection with all of you.

If you have any feedback about our new website or our brand or products in general, please feel free to drop a comment below!

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