November – New Releases

This winter season we are coming out with a bunch of new affordable, high quality products. If you missed last month’s new products you can check them out here.

Now, here are the November releases:


Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles with Interchangeable Lens

Our second ski goggles model with interchangeable lens system. This model has a cylindrical style lens – contrary to our Ski Goggles PRO with its spherical lens.

It has an interchangeable lens system which holds the lens in place in two ways. It has a number of magnets around the lens frame and the goggle frame, as well as a sliding lock mechanism.

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Cylindrical replacement lenses

Replacement lenses for our new cylindrical lens style ski goggles.

They come in 4 different colors, with one yellow option that is polarized

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Kids Ski Socks

For this winter season we have released our super warm and comfy merino wool blend kids socks.

They come in 4 different color options and can be purchased as 1 pair or 2 pairs.

With an over the calf design and non-slip cuffs that stay up they are the perfect socks for all your winter adventures.

Itch-free, lasting socks that are machine washable – hours of fun and easy-care.

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Boot Bag LYNX

This is our second boot bag this winter. This a big backpack-style boot bag with space for all your gear.

One big compartment for boots, a top compartment for helmet and a front compartment for ski goggles, gloves and other small gear.

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Snowboard Boot Bag

Our third boot bag is a snowboard boot bag. It features one shoulder strap, instead of two backpack-style straps. It also has two carrying handles on top.

It’s more suitable for shorter travels when you bring less gear.

It has a waterproof, scratch-resistant exterior and a durable waterproof bottom. Great utility for years of use.

On the front you have two quick-access pockets for smaller items – one is zippered and one uses velcro.

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Ski Gloves

Ski gloves with inner, touch friendly, gloves and rubber palms for a dry and warm skiing experience.

The inner gloves have anti-slip silicone, and touch capability on the tip of index finger.

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You can browse all of our winter gear here – check back through the season to see all of our new releases.

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