THE SHARK – The Anticipated Electric High Pressure 20PSI Air Pump

We know that many of our outdoor-loving customers enjoy the outdoors in many different ways. One very popular way is going out on the water with an iSUP. We wanted to help make that as easy and as relaxing as possible, so we decided to make our own high pressure air pump.

THE SHARK is uniquely designed for smart, accurate, high pressure power, up to 20 PSI, and made to connect to the cigarette lighter jack in your car.

THE SHARK lets you easily inflate your iSUP when you arrive at your destination, wherever it may be.

  • Up to 20PSI reliable inflation
  • Connects to 12V cigarette lighter jack
  • Programmable for accurate pressure
  • Dual motor inflation system
  • Inflation auto-off function
  • Dedicated deflation valve

IndieGoGo campaign

Do as thousands of others and sign up for our upcoming IndieGoGo campaign!

By signing up now you get an early bird discount of 50% off retail price – for a campaign launch price of around $80.

Go to and sign up to stay tuned for the start of the campaign and your early bird discount!

9 thoughts on “THE SHARK – The Anticipated Electric High Pressure 20PSI Air Pump

  1. Alex says:

    I can’t order the Shark pump on the IndieGoGo page anymore ??
    I know you have more than reached your goal but I’d still like one. How do I order?

    • Eric says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      As you noted it is not available through the IndieGoGo campaign anymore.

      However we are going to release it on Amazon US soon. We will also have it here on our website – with shipping from Amazon.

      We will send out a newsletter that will include THE SHARK when it’s released, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

  2. jim dulong II says:

    when is this going to ship to, backed this product and have not received any information on ship date was supposed to ship by may for backers

    • Eric says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      The SHARK pumps was estimated to be shipped in early June and I have just been able to confirm that they have been sent out this week to all of our backers across the globe. Yours should arrive in about two weeks.

      We greatly appreciate your support!

  3. Arunas Zilionis says:

    Hello, do you have track number of shipped Shark pump. My didn’t arrived yet 🙁

    • Tommy says:

      Good Afternoon Arunas,

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us directly.

      If possible, can you please provide information pertaining to your order details?
      We would love to get this situated by providing tracking details pertaining to your package, as well as an estimated date of delivery.

      Please be advised that if this was purchased through a 3rd party, we would be limited to the information that is available.

      We look forward to hearing back from you!

      Warm Regards,
      OutdoorMaster Support

      • Arunas Zilionis says:


        I ordered the SHARK: The Most Intelligent 12V High Pressure Pump through Indiegogo campaign, My contribution ID:
        78 (Contribution Date April 16, 2019). I got email on Jun 6, that my SHARK will arrive in about two weeks. But I still waiting.

        Arunas Zilionis

        • Arunas Zilionis says:


          no respond from you yet… Do you have an information where is my Shark and when I’ll receive it?

  4. Alain Veillette says:

    I ordered my pump through Indiegogo and received it in June. I tried many times to inflate my 2 iSup. One is a Red paddleboard and the second one is an iRocker. With both the pump doesn’t work. It inflates only up to 1-2 psi, while it requires 14-16 psi. It seems the connector is not connecting correctly so air is not going straight. Is it defective or is there something I am doing wrong ?

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