Take Care of Your Backpack’s Zippers in 2 Simple Steps

how to take care of zippers on a backpack

A simple guide to keeping your zippers happy. At OutdoorMaster we strive to make as good products as possible. This means that we always use materials and hardware that are of the highest possible quality.

When it comes to zippers we use ones from a company called YKK that is regarded as the best on the market. However even good things that are built to last can benefit from care once in a while. Some simple regular cleaning and lubrication of your zippers can add years to their lifetime. Here are a foolproof 2-step way to extend the life of your zippers:

1. Clean your zippers

Clean your zippers from any visible dust and dirt. You can use a towel soaked in water and some soap.

2. Add some lubricant

Lubricate your zippers. F0r this you can buy some silicone lubricant at your local hardware store or try using some beeswax if you have any at home. Simple yet effective! Also make sure you don’t overstuff your backpack so that you need to use force to close the zippers as this easily can damage them. Happy hiking!

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