THE SHARK – The Anticipated Electric High Pressure 20PSI Air Pump

We know that many of our outdoor-loving customers enjoy the outdoors in many different ways. One very popular way is going out on the water with an iSUP. We wanted to help make that as easy and as relaxing as possible, so we decided to make our own high pressure air pump.

THE SHARK is uniquely designed for smart, accurate, high pressure power, up to 20 PSI, and made to connect to the cigarette lighter jack in your car.

THE SHARK lets you easily inflate your iSUP when you arrive at your destination, wherever it may be.

  • Up to 20PSI reliable inflation
  • Connects to 12V cigarette lighter jack
  • Programmable for accurate pressure
  • Dual motor inflation system
  • Inflation auto-off function
  • Dedicated deflation valve

IndieGoGo campaign

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By signing up now you get an early bird discount of 50% off retail price – for a campaign launch price of around $80.

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