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6 Great Snorkel Spots In The Continental US

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6 Great Snorkel Spots In The Continental US


Don’t put your snorkeling trip on hold because you “don’t have time”! There are plenty of spots to visit without even leaving the continental U.S. Make something special out of your long weekend this summer at one of our recommended spots!

Before we get to our recommended snorkeling spots, here are a few things to always keep in mind:

  1. Use the buddy system – Always have a buddy with you to stay safe while snorkeling!
  2. Make sure to check the weather reports, you don’t want to be surprised by rough weather!
  3. Always ask a knowledgeable person regarding the snorkeling conditions, like underwater currents.
  4. Don’t disturb the wildlife!

Now that we got that out of they way, lets get into what we’re actually here for!

Block Island, R.I.

Although the Northeast of the US is not the first place you think of when deciding where to go to snorkel, there are places to go. One of them is Block Island, Rhode Island. There you will find reefs where you can spot a variety of fish.

Riviera Beach, Fla.

Riviera Reef in Florida is an artificial constructed reef made out of giant limestone boulders. The reef is easily accessible close to shore and you can expect to see a variety of different fish. The best snorkeling is around high tide.

Florida Keys

Experience some truly amazing tropical-like snorkeling without leaving the U.S. in the Florida Keys. Here you will find coral reefs and a plethora of fish to look at. Worth noting is that almost all snorkeling is done by going out on a boat.

Santa Catalina Island

On Santa Catalina Island, roughly 26 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California, you will find mild climate all year round and some great snorkeling! The two most popular spots are Lover’s Cove and Casino Point Dive Park both of which can be accessed by foot.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe offers a variety of snorkeling experiences. A lot of rock formations, sunken tree trunks and other natural beauty, fish and clear water. Famous for it’s blue clear water you can be sure to have terrific visibility.

La Jolla

La Jolla offers white beaches and some interesting snorkeling, to say the least. Swim with harmless leopard sharks, dolphins, rays, a variety of fish and more! A great place if you are looking to see bigger fish.

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