Pop Up Beach Tent You Can Set Up In No Time

Pop Up Beach Tent You Can Set Up In No Time

Beach Tent You Can Set Up In No Time


With our new pop up beach tent you will finally have a beach shade tent that REALLY does what it is suppose to do: make your day at the beach more comfortable, and not adding any extra stress or a ton of work. Enjoy an extremely easy set up. And you know what? Taking it down is just as easy!


Our tent’s pop-up design will really change the way you think about beach canopy tents. The days of the 20 minutes set up are history! The easy pop-up design will let you confidently take it with you even when you have to set it up by yourself. Great if you want to take the kids out by yourself!

The new OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach Tent is best beach tent for family on your day at the beach, or when having a picnic in the woods. Enjoy somewhere to sit and rest out of the sun wherever you go in the outdoors.


1. Privacy Screen of OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent

You know the old trick to wrap your beach towel around you to change into your bathing suite? Well, those days are gone. Change inside the tent using the privacy screen, which you fasten with velcro. For extra convenience our privacy screen has a smaller zippered door as well, so you can easily get in and out.


2. Sun Protection, Waterproof & Storage Pockets 

Our best beach tent boasts a SPF 50+ for those sunny days and waterproof fabric for the days with a little rain. Inside you also have two storage pockets for your sun lotion, valuables etc.


3. Best Family Beach Tent

Maybe you’re thinking “Well, last time I took a tent to the beach I spent half the time running around chasing it because the wind blew it away every 5 minutes” – we got you covered! Our beach tent has 5 sand bags fastened to the tent itself for the windy days! It also comes with plastic stakes for the beach and soft grass, metal stakes for tougher grass areas, as well as additional ropes which can be attached to the tent and ground for extra stability.
Don’t risk the enjoyment of your beach day! The least you can do is to make sure that sun, wind or rain won’t be of a problem. Customer-loved and great for the whole family! It‘s the best beach tent for family! You can even use it in your back yard when you don’t have time for the beach.
You can head over to the product page to see a video showing all the features of the tent.


What have other people said about OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent?

What we love about this tent—and as the name implies—is that it just “pops up” in a matter of seconds! Yes, that’s right: there is no assembly required for this unit. Which of course is a huge time saver when you just want to get it set up and have your little one napping in there.
– Maternity Glow


Whether your family is hanging out on the beach or lounging in your own backyard for a big outdoor party, you’ll need a place to hide from the sun’s strong rays. – The OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach and Shade Tent will give you the protection you’re looking for
– MomLovesBest