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How To Clean Your OM Goggles?

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How To Clean Your OM Goggles?


OutdoorMaster® Ski Goggles are made to last! As much as we want the Ski Goggle to accompany you for years to come, this could be challenging without proper cleaning and caring. This blog intends to inform you how to make sure the OutdoorMaster® Ski Goggle is the last ski goggle you ever need. There’s no additional tool or detergent needed if you follow this instruction. 


Step 1: Find the pouch that comes with your Ski Goggle.

The pouch has the perfect surface quality to clean your goggle lens. Fold the pouch and make it thicker proves to be handier when you use it to clean your goggle.  


Step 2: Holding the frame of the goggle and knock out the dirt and ice inside the lens.

Make sure the outer lens is facing toward up and the inner side touches the table. Do not use excessive strength because it may break the goggle. 


Step 3: Softly wipe clean the outside of the goggle lens using the pouch.

Add few drops lukewarm water on the pouch could be more effective. However, using rubbing alcohol or chemical may damage the lens.


Step 4: Take off the replaceable lens and use the pouch to dip cleaning the inside of the lens.

Please be aware that we have put an effective anti-fog coating on the inner lens, alcohol or chemical could severely damage the coating. For the same reason, we recommend dip clean the lens rather than wipe. 

(Optional)Step 5: Clean the frame of the lens using a few drops of alcohol.

Excessive use of the fluid to clean the frame could impair the glue. Thus, a few drops of alcohol is enough to clean the frame. Please make sure the alcohol does not flow to the lens.


If you have any question about how to clean or care your Ski Goggle, feel free to email us through   

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