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How To Succeed With Hiking in Rainy Weather

Posted by Outdoor Master on
How To Succeed With Hiking in Rainy Weather
Every day this week you have been looking forward to this day, the day when you have planned to go hiking. Then you wake up to realize that today is indeed a rainy day. But do not worry, a rainy day doesn’t have to be a hike free day. Here I have compiled a list of things you can do, to succeed when hiking in rainy weather.

1. Wear rain-proof clothes

Wear rain clothes, including rain boots, rain jacket, and water-resistant gear for the whole of your body.

2. Prepare for the worst

Prepare for the worst case scenario, bring some spare socks and possibly a shirt and underwear if you have enough space for it.

3. Bring plastic bags

Put everything in plastic bags so it doesn’t soak up water if the bag gets wet. You could also buy a waterproof backpack cover or just bring a plastic bag or something else that is waterproof to cover your backpack from the rain.

4. Bring warm beverages

Bring some warm beverages, perhaps some warm chocolate or tea, to warm you when the cold starts to creep up.

5. Bring a towel

Bring some towels so you can dry yourself.

6. Use a waterproof backpack cover

When you are out hiking you definitely want to make sure that your packaging gets wet. The best way to do this is by using a waterproof backpack cover. Many backpacks, like our 50L hiking backpack comes with a waterproof cover included, and they are also sold separately on

Now you can go out prepared on a rainy day, without having to worry. Remember that it is always now, and if you make an excuse not to go now, the next time it is likely repeated. So live in the now and go out into nature and enjoy all kinds of weather nature has to offer.

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