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Nick Pescetto: The OutdoorMaster Behind the Lens

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Nick Pescetto: The OutdoorMaster Behind the Lens
Captivated by the manta rays swimming in that clear turquoise waters of Sulawesi? So were we!

OutdoorMaster catches up with the content creator Nick Pescetto – Global content creator and thrill chaser extraordinaire.

O. Nick, it’s an absolute pleasure to have this opportunity to interview you. As some of our audience are unfamiliar with you and your work, could you please let us know a little bit about yourself?

N. I am 26 years old, currently based between Europe and Bali. I am a professional freeride mountain biker and content creator. My biggest passion is to create amazing content and life a live full of adrenaline! I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Grew up in Genova (Italy), and moved to Barcelona (Spain) when I was 19 to study sport management. At the age of 23, I started travelling with my bikes and cameras. I have visited many countries, met great people, worked on many different projects, and I haven’t stopped since.

O. Your breathtaking photos and jaw-dropping videos captives any audience, pulling them towards the beauty of mother nature. What is the message that you want your audience to come away with?

N. I want to trigger an emotional feeling to the people that watch my content. I want them to feel what I feel and get a real connection. I find that I still have to work hard to achieve the goal I want, but it’s a great challenge to live, capture and deliver these experiences to the public.

O. Your content shows you swimming with manta rays, cliff-jumping, mountain biking on the edge of an active volcano and many more daunting outdoor experiences. For those who may find these experiences intimidating, how would you encourage them?

N. Everything starts with little steps. Through experiences and skills, a person will learn how to handle their fears and emotions in their best way. The fear is always there, but it’s always a matter of how to deal with it. I am reaching the point where the fear is actually one of the motivational factors that push me into a new challenge. The feeling of being confident with myself and being able to face the fear in different situations; is unique.

O. During your studies while in Barcelona, did you still make the outdoors a priority?

N. For sure. Whenever I had free time, I went and did sports, especially biking or skiing, but I still was very focused and serious about my studies. I never wanted to fail a subject or a test. I did not want to spend extra time catching up with homework and (take) extra classes. I know I wanted to spend time outdoors, so I was smart in school – managed my time properly and I was able to do both successfully.

O. That’s remarkable! Good on you! For those heading out close to home then, as an OutdoorMaster, what would be your must-have items anyone should have with them? Does it include professional gear?

N. These days the gear is so amazing. For a good price, you can get an amazing set up of cameras. Sony and Canon make great cameras for USD 1500, GoPro is such a versatile camera and perfect for beginners and professionals, and you can get a really good drone for USD 1000. I think gear is important, but how you edit the content, and the feeling your able to add to the content you produce, is definitely the most important aspect.

O. For your shoots, do you use professional equipment? How did you get into content creation?

N. I definitely use professional gear for most of my shoots. I started filming when I was 15. I borrowed my dad’s camera, and (ever since then) I’ve always been shooting biking and extreme stunts with my friends. I have always been fascinated by the creative world.

O. What was if your favorite adventure to shot? To experience?

N. Bali has been my favorite place to shoot at. I’ve met the best people and spent amazing days shooting and living thrills all over the island.

O. That sound like heaven. So, what’s next for Nick Pescetto?

N. I will be here (Bali) for the next 2 weeks and (then) I am heading off to Europe, where I will spend 2 months shooting different projects. I will be in the Italians alps riding bikes and shooting for 2 of my sponsors, Sicily for 3 days, Croatia for Yacht Week, and Cannes for The International Festival of Creativity. I hope to have time to get my skydiving license in Spain right after. (Nick also plans to spend time in Spain, Sardinia, and Greece for the rest of July, and heads out to LA after his trip to Europe.)

O. Where haven’t you been, but would love to travel to? And why?

N. Hawaii, Costa Rica, Alaska, and Morocco. They all look amazing for outdoor sports and shooting.

O. We can’t wait to see your photos from your next event/adventure! Will we continue to see photos of Bali? Will it continue to be your base?

N. I will probably be back in Bali after the summer for a couple of months. I shot so much content here so, yes, I will keep posting and sharing photos from Bali.

O. How is the snorkeling in Bali? Are there a lot of great spots in Bali? What level would you need to be?

N. There is great spots for swimming with all kinds of fish and manta rays. All the spots are basic and very easy to get to. Any beginner would have the time of their life!

O. Those are some great tips! I guess now we just need to pack up some gear and join you in Bali! Thank you again Nick for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview. We wish you a wonderful trip on your next adventure, and we look forward to having you back for future projects!

N. Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to share my next adventures with you!

Want to learn more about Nick and his upcoming adventures? You can follow this talented professional athlete at www.nickpescetto.com.

In case you missed Nick’s video on our Facebook page:

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