OutdoorMasters Hike in Tyresta, Sweden

OutdoorMasters Hike in Tyresta, Sweden
Last weekend, OutdoorMaster together with STHLM Outdoor, helped co-orga Blog postsnizing a hike in Tyresta national park, a few kilometers from Stockholm.

As a brand selling mostly online, we felt a need to be more on the ground, to let people touch and feel our products, as well as just have a good time, and what better way to achieve all this than to go hiking? The weekend lived up to all our expectations and we hope to get another chance to hike with you all again in the future.

Below are some photos of the Tyresta hike experience. Enjoy! 

Pre-hike gathering with a brief of the planned hike
Entering Tyresta national park
Katri, who knows the area very well, goes through an overview of the national park
Walking along the trail
A quick pitstop… Time for some blueberries 
Curious hikers reading a sign explaining the characteristics of a “virgin forest”
Some more walking along the trail
Being a photographer is hard work 
Lunch break by lake Årsjön. Some nearby birds also felt hungry. 
I organized a fun little quiz during the lunch break where people had a chance to win some OutdoorMaster gear
Happy quiz contestants 
A round of applause for the knowledgeable winners 
A happy winner of our pocket blanket
Time to head back. Beate carrying her OutdoorMaster 50L hiking backpack.
… And Kristoffer is carrying his, but in orange color.
The whole group gathers for a group photo. Many smiling faces! :) 


Thank you all for making this hike a blast, and a special thanks to all organizers who made it possible!

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