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1. SUPER LEAKPROOF TECHNOLOGY - High frequency welding technology ensures an UNCONDITIONALLY WATERPROOF bag. ENJOY a SAFE, DURABLE and super waterproof lightweight dry bag.
2. FREE WATERPROOF PHONE CASE - You get 2 FREE IPX8 compliant waterproof phone cases with ATTACHABLE FLOATING STRAP. Go swimming, kayaking and more and KEEP YOUR PHONE PROTECTED. Fits iPhone Plus phones.
3. PERFECT SIZE 5L/10L/20L & CONVENIENT CARRY - All sizes have an ADJUSTABLE backpack style SHOULDER STRAP - additionally 10L/20L also have a CONVENIENT SIDE HANDLE.
4. HIGH QUALITY TRANSLUCENT MATERIAL - The waterproof high quality PVC material will NOT ONLY keep your valuables DRY AND PROTECTED - you can easily locate and retrieve items due to the translucency of the bag.
5. WHAT YOU GET - OutdoorMaster Dry Bag, 2 Phone Cases with Floating Strap
- Waterproof Phone Cases Size: Room to support Plus sized iPhones, as well as similarly sized Android phones up to 5.7 inches in screen size.
- User instruction: Before lifting your packed dry bag, make sure to complete the seal by rolling the closure strap 3-5 time, in order to avoid damage to the seams.
- Weight Capacity: 5L - 22 lbs (10kg), 10L - 26.5 lbs (12kg), 20L - 33 lbs (15kg) 
- Dimensions: 5L: 13.8 x 10.6 inch (35 x 27 cm), 10L: 17.7 x 11.8 inch (45 x 30 cm), 20L: 23.6 x 13.8 inch (60 x 35cm)
- Material: PVC

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