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Please be noted that this product is available in the USA only.


Sturdy & Durable Deck

• The deck is made from 8-ply maple plus 2 plies of fiber glass, increasing the toughness by 50%.
• Maximum load of the board: 350 Lbs.
• The high quality grip tape avoids skidding while you skate.

Firm & Reliable Structure

• The lacquered 5-inch magnesium alloy truck with a maximum support weight of 220 pounds, designed specifically for children aged 5-18.
• The high rebound PU bushing is attached to the main bridge pegs to enable the skateboard to turn smoothly, acting as a cushion and shock absorber. It helps to maintain body balance during intense exercise

Smooth & Comfortable Ride

The 52mm 95A PU infused wheels can provide more height when performing an Ollie, providing better performance. It is also offers a smoother rolling no matter you are skating on the street, on a vertical ramp, or with props. Wheels with hardness above 95A is always the best choice.

Suitable for Both Beginners & Pros

The concaved deck with nose and tail tilted allows you to preform different skills with your skate: Ollies, fakie, pop, etc. Skaters of all levels can perfect their skills with this board. 



31.10'' x 7.87'' x 3.35''


4.85 Lbs

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