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Pro PLUS Series - Special Edition
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OutdoorMaster x Stevie Gee

The OutdoorMaster x Stevie Gee snow goggles collaboration combines OutdoorMaster‘s technical excellence with the unique Stevie Gee inspirational colorway illustration.

His Inspirations

1.Meltdown - "Feel flows". Implies Global Warming and the melting snow mountain.

2. Flower Power -"Feel the power". Let the smiling flowers bring you some natural power.

3. X-Ray Eyes - "See the unseen". While you are skiing/snowboarding, with this you can see the world behind.

4. Mountain Playground -" Walk the string, not the bow". Just Jump!

Color-optimization Technology


Color-optimization technology dramatically improves colors brightness and contours on the slope in all light conditions. The UltraLens featured with this techonology will help the skier and snowboarder detect the irregularities like bumps,hollows and other potential dangers.

Super HD Technology

UltraLens | GreenLens | SensusLens

Super HD technology combines the superior clarity of our high definition lenses and color contrast enhancement feature. It provides skier/snowboarder with zero distortion and clearer optical performance. You can see everything crystal clean at high speed and from short to long distance.

In-house designed ULTRA ANTI-FOG COATING

UltraLens | GreenLens |SensusLens

In-house Designed ULTRA ANTI-FOG COATING can bring you an advanced 3x fog-free performance. Triple-layered microfiber foam design can maximize the venting to ensure a fog-free experience.

Innovative TAC Sustainable Materials

GreenLens | SensusLens

Innovative TAC Sustainable materials made of cotton extracts, alternative to the traditional PC material.

Photochromic Technology


Photochromic Technology
Trillions of photochromic molecules in the lens change its structure as the reaction to the UV light. These molecules constantly and smoothly recalibrate to ensure an optimal amount of light reaches your eyes, whether you’re in bright sunlight or under cloud cover.


1 x OutdoorMaster x Stevie Gee Ski Goggles PRO PLUS.
1 x Protective Case.
1 x Carrying Pouch.
Our CUSTOMER-FAVORITE 1 YEAR WARRANTY and friendly customer service.


Lens Size

8.27 inches (W) x 3.74 inches (H)

Lens Material

Injection Molded Polycarbonate + UV coating + TAC Sustainable Materials

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