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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sports is a universal language that everyone understands regardless of gender, race or religion, and as a global company, OutdoorMaster is looking to be involved in the sponsorship of many events, professional athletes and amateur athletes across a wide spectrum of sports.

We are looking to sponsor individual athletes, events and teams in cycling, skiing, snowboarding, athletics, yoga, running, crossfit and body building (and possible other sports) in the United States and Europe.

Past Sponsorships

About OutdoorMaster Sponsorships

We look at our sponsorships as bringing another person into the OutdoorMaster family and expect that before you even approach us that you already have a great passion for our products. On the same note, we like to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with an event or individual sponsorship. Please consider your willingness to commit to this type of relationship before applying.

Though we’d like to sponsor everyone that submits an application we can only do a set number of sponsorships per year. We are honored that you would consider OutdoorMaster as a potential sponsor and will respond to your request within 90 days, if we are considering your sponsorship.


Because we are a growing company, our sponsorship budget is given as “in kind” product support rather than cash funds. Quite honestly, we think our products rank right up there with cash and we hope you agree.

Sponsorship FAQ

Q1.What type of events does OutdoorMaster sponsor?

We sponsor many kinds of events…triathlons, running, cycling, rowers, non-athletic, you name it. Events that are centered around a cause or a non-profit entity that is tied to our values of an active, healthy lifestyle is an ideal fit. If your event maintains a blog, Facebook and/or Twitter profile for the event, we want to see that you are actively updating it.

Q2.What kind of exposure does OutdoorMaster expect in return?

We look for the most visibility from our involvement as possible, particularly online. This includes social media interaction, text links, logos on websites, e-mail inclusion, printed inclusion, etc.

Q3.What type of individuals do OutdoorMaster sponsor?

We typically sponsor professional athletes but will consider anyone who is reaching for their goals that appear to be a “good fit.” Such as coach or KOL. We expect that you are an active self-promoter. Having an attracting social media influences or well-known in the outdoor field will be a plus.

Q4.What does OutdoorMaster expect in return?

We expect you to keep us updated on what’s going on in your world.

This includes sending us your calendar of races / events, blogs and v-blog for OutdoorMasters website and social media, monthly post on OutdoorMasters Facebook and follow&tag on Instagram, hi-res photos for OutdoorMaster to use at their discretion, testimonials for website, catalog and promoting use. OutdoorMaster logo on your uniform and website and staying on OutdoorMaster message when referring to brand.

Basically we want you to be proud of being sponsored by OutdoorMaster!

Q5.What does OutdoorMaster look for in an sponsorship?

We look for a sponsorship to be impactful and lasting.

We feel like those we sponsor will be part of the family.

So what if you’re the most amazing trail runner to ever put on running shoes! Do you play nice with others? Are people excited to be around you? Do you leave the ego at home? Do you return e-mails and phone calls? This stuff matters to us.

So, how to apply?

If you, your event or your sports club is interested in being sponsored by OutdoorMaster and you have previously used OutdoorMaster products, we want to hear from you.
Please send an email to:
briefly telling us more about yourself and setting out reasons why you think you deserve to be sponsored.