Eco Friendly Ski Goggles

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles
Pro Plus Series - Limited Edition
sustainable ski goggles
ethical ski goggles
ethical ski goggles
Eco-friendly Snow Goggles
ethical snowboard goggles
eco friendly ski glasses
environmentally friendly ski sunglasses
ethical goggles
ethical glasses
sustainable ski goggles
ethical snowboard goggles
eco friendly ski glasses
environmentally friendly ski sunglasses
ethical goggles
ethical glasses
sustainable ski goggles
ethical snowboard goggles

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Pro Plus Series - Limited Edition
$59.99 $79.99
Save 25%
Colour: VLT 75% Yellow Lens Polarized
VLT 75% Yellow Lens Polarized
VLT 60% Blue Polarized
VLT 20% Green Polarized
VLT 45% TAC Purple
VLT 10% Silver Polarized
VLT 15% REVO Blue Polarized
Version: The Disappearing Places
The Disappearing Places
Eco Bamboo Fiber

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GreenLens from Cotton Extract

Innovative, sustainable TAC goggle lens made from bio-degradable cotton extract, leaving minimum impact on the environment compared to traditional PC goggle lenses.
eco friendly ski goggles cotton extract lens

Sustainable Bamboo Goggle Strap

The classic black goggle strap is made from bio-degradable bamboo extracts. The yarn is woven from bamboo fibers, and the anti-slip silicone is made of natural rubber.
eco-friendly ski googles with bamboo strap

The Disappearing Places

The design of Disappearing Places Straps implies the places which may be drowned before the 21st century because of global warming. It’s a continuing sustainable movement and will never end. We are still on our way to applying more sustainable materials to our ski gear and continue to work as an eco-conscious brand.
eco-friendly ski googles design

Ultra Anti-fog Coating

In-house designed Ultra Anti-fog Coating brings you an advanced fog-free performance. The triple-layered microfiber foam maximizes ventilation and ensures a fog-free experience.
eco-friendly ski goggles with anti-fog coated lens

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens

With the quick-release magnetic frame design, you can change out lenses effectively and efficiently in a fraction of the time.
Choose among Pro series 30+ lenses that offer exceptional clarity during various lighting changes. Swap for day/night & other weather conditions& eco-conscious mind.
eco friendly snow goggles with magnetic changing system

100% UV400 Protection

100% UV400 protection prevents harmful rays from directly contacting your cornea. This has proven to provide athletes with a stress-free riding experience by allowing them to focus more on the trail!
uv400 protection ski goggles

Enhanced Polarized Lens

Enhanced Polarized Technology offers a clearer and frameless view, massively reducing glare, reinforcing contrast and natural color, and bringing out the finest details.
polarized ski goggles lens

Easy Fit & Integration

The adjustable straps contain anti-slip silicone and are designed to be compatible with most helmets on the market for maximum comfort.
They are conscientiously designed with weight, aesthetics, as well as overall aerodynamics into consideration to offer the best ratio in performance to dollar goggles on the market.
Triple-layered microfiber foam design can maximize the venting to ensure a fog-free experience.
outdoor master ski goggles eco-friendly

Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team

Although the brand is young, we have become an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team with our innovation and reliable quality. By sponsoring USCSA (US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association), we also support young people to inspire their potential.
Official Supplier to the US Ski Team

Choice of Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes have been impressed with the quality and technology of Outdoor Master products and have chosen to become ambassadors for our brand. We also constantly improve and upgrade our products through feedback from our athletes in training and competition.
Outdoor Master sponsored athletes

What's Included

1 x OutdoorMaster Eco Ski Goggles
1 x Protective Case.
1 x Carrying Pouch.
sustainable ski goggles what's in the box