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with UltraLens - Color-Optimization Technology
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Color-optimization Technology

Color-optimization technology dramatically improves colors brightness and contours on the slope in all light conditions. The UltraLens featured with this techonology will help the skier and snowboarder detect the irregularities like bumps,hollows and other potential dangers.

Super HD Technology

Super HD technology combines the superior clarity of our high definition lenses and color contrast enhancement feature. It provides skier/snowboarder with zero distortion and clearer optical performance. You can see everything crystal clean at high speed and from short to long distance.

In-house designed ULTRA ANTI-FOG COATING

In-house Designed ULTRA ANTI-FOG COATING can bring you an advanced 3x fog-free performance. Triple-layered microfiber foam design can maximize the venting to ensure a fog-free experience.


With the use of the quick release magnetic frame design, you would be able to change out lenses effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the time of alternatively mounted options.
Choose among Pro series 30+ different lenses primarily aimed at offering exceptional clarity during different lighting changes. Swap for day/night & different weather conditions& eco-conscious mind.


100% UV400 protection prevents harmful rays from coming into direct contact with your cornea. This has proven to provide athletes with a stress-free riding experience, by allowing them to focus more on the trail, than avoiding the sun!
Impact-Resistant Components, and Anti-Scratching Lenses, allow for a more flexible and useful set of goggles to deal with the unforgiving terrain.


The adjustable straps contain anti-slip silicone and are designed to be compatible with most helmets on the market for maximum comfort.
Conscientiously designed with weight, aesthetics, as well as overall aerodynamics into consideration to offer the best ratio in performance to dollar goggles on the market.
Triple-layered microfiber foam design can maximize the venting to ensure a fog-free experience.


1 x OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO PLUS.
1 x Protective Case.
1 x Carrying Pouch.
Our CUSTOMER-FAVORITE 1 YEAR WARRANTY and friendly customer service.


Lens Size

8.27 inches (W) x 3.74 inches (H)

Lens Material

Injection Molded Polycarbonate + UV coating

Frame Material

Bendable TPU

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