27-Mile Range

Featuring a 27-mile / 45km range, it is a perfect long range electric skateboard for everyone.

High Storage Lithium Battery

In the limited deck room, while maintaining the streamline shape and slick design, we increased the battery capacity of this long distance electric skateboard to cover a 45km / 27-mile range.
Durable Lithium Battery

Durable Truck

The booster has a high-quality truck. You can also adjust the pin to set the perfect flexibility that suits you the best.

Powerful Motor

We abandoned the belt motor which is loud and wears easily and chose the 2 x 450W hub motor with a maximum speed of 40km/h (or 24mph) and maximum climbing angle of 30°, featuring also a backwards skating mode and a cruise mode set at a fixed speed.
Powerful Motor

8-Layer Maple Board

8 layers of maple of Canadian maple board offers extra stability for your board. Reach for the ultimate activeness and no need fearing for that your board will break.
Durable Board

Remote Control

This remote control skateboard allows you to choose between four speed modes in no time! The LED display offers you all the information for a safe and well-informed ride: Speed Gear, Total Mileage, Mileage of a single ride, Battery, Speed, Direction (For- or backwards).
Remote Control

Latest Processor for Ultimate Precision and Control

Both Cruiser and Booster are equipped with the latest control system - LY-FOC 7.0. This will help you to control your board speed more precisely, offering realtime feedback. With a smarter system, your board energy will be used more efficiently.
Latest Processor for Ultimate Precision and Control

Energy Recycle System

With our LY-FOC 7.0 system, the energy consumption of your commuter electric skateboard is precisely calculated, to achieve the perfectly balance of maximum energy use and high endurance. It detects automatically when you breaks and saves this parts of energy as battery power.
Energy Recycle System
45km (27 miles)
12500mAh Durable Lithium Battery
2 x 450W Hub Motor
80 PU Tire
Speed Mode
15/25/35/40 km/h; 9/15/21/24 mph
Climbing ability
Maximum 30°
Max Load
Remote Capacity
Charing Time
Package Size
1065mm x 335mm x 188mm
Product Weight
N.W. 9.1kg / G.W. 11.8kg
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Street Electric Skateboard Booster

Electric Skateboard - Booster

Extra Long Range of 27 Miles / 45 km
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