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Comfy Like Slippers | Recycled-CO₂-Foaming Sole | Work, Travel, Urban Commuting

  • Hemp Upper:
    100% biodegradable
  • Breathable:
    Stay fresh and breezy all day with mesh upper
  • Self -Adapting:
    Perfect fit for every foot shape
  • Lightweight:
    Only 1.2lb feels like nothing on your feet
  • Foldable:
    Fold and pack them with you everywhere
  • Washable:
    Machine-washable <40°C
  • 100% Recyclable :
    Fully separable design with simple materials
  • Less Carbon:
    Soles foaming with recycled CO₂



Comfort Meets Sustainability

The ZebraOasis Hemp Shoes offer a pain-free break-in experience, a perfect fit for every foot shape, effortless separability with just one pull, and the assurance of 100% recycling when worn out.
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Made From Hemp

We use hemp fiber,because it's environmentally friendly, as it grows faster than cotton and requires 50% less water. Additionally, hemp fiber is strong, durable, and naturally antibacterial. Moreover, it is 100% biodegradable. By utilizing hemp, we can create shoes that are not only stylish and functional but also sustainable and comfortable.
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Self -adapting Upper

The unique R-knit technology combined with those inherently sustainable hemp fibers makes ZO shoes conform to your foot's shape, not the other way around. So whether you have wide feet or high insteps, these shoes will hug them like a baby.
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Breathable R-knit Tech

Our innovative "R-knit" weaving technology, developed by ZO, combines natural fibers to create a durable and functional fabric without the need for non-degradable fibers like polyester, nylon, or spandex. The result is a breathable and lightweight upper that not only provides next-level comfort but also has a positive impact on the environment.
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100% Recyclable

Regular shoes, even those made with natural materials, cannot be fully recycled because all parts are glued together. That's why we developed the R-ring. By pulling out the R-ring pad under the insole and separating the shoes when they're finally worn out, they can be properly sorted and included in regular waste for recycling.
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Less Carbon

For every 1000kg of foam material used in shoe soles, we capture 150kg of CO2 gas. This means that each pair of shoe soles foamed with 33g of CO2 gas captured from the environment. And this really makes a difference.
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Size Chart

Go for your regular size, no need to choose one size bigger.
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Customer Reviews

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W. D.
Grandson liked!

bought these for my 18 year old Grandson. He really liked. fit was good. looked cool!

Buy these!

These are a very comfortable all day shoe! Highly recommended

Cumple su propósito

Muy cómodos y frescos

Deborah Scott
Nice 👍 Best shoes

Perfect for traveling. These are really comfy and light weight. Would buy again

Lee Moss
Exactly as described

👍👍👍All is good