8 Best Kids Ski Helmets Reviewed with Features in 2022

by MAYI on Aug 29, 2022

8 Best Kids Ski Helmets Reviewed with Features in 2022

Diamond Kid's Helmet With MIPS


The best kids ski helmet on the head is always the best option for your children. These days, and for good reason, almost everyone uses a helmet whether skiing or snowboarding.

Helmets for snowboarding and skiing are lighter, safer, and more comfortable than before. Along with the excitement and pride, there is also a persistent fear of getting hurt. It can be challenging to avoid thinking of the ski slope as a collection of hazards that your child is just waiting to plunge headfirst into. Because of this, it's crucial to get your kids the best kids ski helmet possible that fits them comfortably and effectively protects their heads.

The best helmet is undoubtedly the most crucial piece of ski/snowboard equipment you can purchase for your kids. This is the reason we've compiled a list of the top kids' ski and snowboard helmets available.

To compile a shortlist of the top helmets for the game, our team combed the market. Make sure to read the thorough buyer's guide after our list to discover more information about the types of materials, sizes, and features that go into helmets.

Your most important gear during the visit to the mountain during the winter season is a helmet and if you have your children with you then it is a huge responsibility to take care of them. Before you leave you must have the best kids ski helmets for your children so they do not have to face any problems.

In old times I never heard of such a thing, have you? Well, now it is compulsory gear these days for the protection of your kids.

Below you will see the best kids ski helmets.

KELVIN Snow Helmet ($55.99)

Do you want your kids to look good and protect their noggin at the same time? Then the Kelvin ski helmet is a perfect choice for you. This ski helmet for kids is ASTM certified and comes with a reinforced ABS shell and a shock-absorbing EPS core to provide comfort and safety to your kids.

It is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and at the back of the helmet, you will find a size adjustment dial that will help your kids get an extra snug fit to keep them safe if they are in in-between measurements.

It has 14 individual air vents for excellent ventilation and to avoid over-heat when you are out on the slopes.

The helmet's internal liner is soft fleece material and extremely comfortable. It will keep your head warm but not sweaty because of all the excellent airflow. Kelvin ski helmet comes with removable inner fleece liner and ear-warmers, so you can easily wash them. The Removable ear pads will help your kids adjust to the temperature quickly and are incredibly comfortable.

It also has a rubber ski goggle strap which will hold your goggles in position, so they do not get out of place when you are skiing.

Outdoor master has a color scheme for everyone, so they have nine different color themes, including black, pink, blue, purple, white, grey, etc.

So I highly recommend you select or add to your top 3 list for a kelvin ski helmet to keep your kids safe and stylish this season.



with ASTM Certified Safety

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Key Features:

  • Astm Certified Safety

  • Airflow Ventilation Channels

  • Warm and Comfortable

  • Adjustable Size


  • Very Comfortable

  • Adjustable for different sizes

  • Outdoor Master snow goggles compatibility

  • Warm Ears

  • Comes in 13 different Colors


  • Not with MIPS

DIAMOND MIPS Snow Helmet ($109.99)

The diamond MIPS ski helmet is one of the top-notch ski helmets for your kids because this helmet features the MIPS system that helps in allowing the head to rotate inside the helmet a little bit. If you crash, your helmet can do a slight rotation which will minimize that impact on your head and potentially help save your brain in a horrible crash.

Unfortunately, crashes are an inevitable part of skiing. That’s why your helmet is an essential piece of safety gear you can have when you are out there skiing.

It also has a reinforced shell and shock-absorbing foam on the inside, So these kids' ski helmets are super safe and equally competitive with all the top-of-the-line helmets currently on the market.

The diamond helmet provides excellent ventilation through the 11 vents that allow cold air to come in and hot air to come out to keep your goggles from fogging, and our favorite feature is the switch on the helmet that allows you to open and close the top vents.

Additionally, It comes with removable audio-compatible earpads suitable for most of the audio devices on the market. It also has a good quality leather strap to hold your goggles, making it easy to pull when you have your gloves on.

Plus, It has a little adjustable dial that helps to create a perfect customized fit for your head.

Regardless of your kid's head size, you can adjust this helmet to fit their noggin.




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Key Features:

  • Mips Safety System

  • External and Internal Ventilation

  • Lightweight Construction

  • Adjustable Dial and Goggles Elastic String

  • Audio Compatible EarPads

  • Seamless Compatibility

  • Airflow Evacuation Channels

  • Adjustable Size


  • Mips System

  • Different Colors

  • Rubber Goggles

  • Shock Absorbing Foam

  • Inner Fleece Liner

Smith Prospect Jr MIPS Ski Helmet ($130)

Smith Kids Snow Helmets designed the Prospect Jr. Helmet with MIPS with great care. Many of the characteristics of this helmet are also found in adult helmets. However, it is made exclusively for children. It has a dual-stage liner that fits children during their years of rapid growth. The Smith MIPS helmet comes in 5 different color ranges.

Smith's leading features for a ski helmet can be seen on the Kids' Prospect Jr. MIPS Helmet. The honeycomb structure of Smith's Koroyd foam improves airflow and lightness without reducing overall safety. This lightweight will also help your kid to wear the helmet all day long without having a headache or neck pain.

The furry lining is surrounded by an adjustable dial inside for a secure fit and pleasant warmth. The fourteen ventilation holes allow excess heat to escape, and the switch shuts all the vents during the year's coldest months.

In addition, it has removable ear pads that will keep your kids warmer in chilly weather. However, in hot weather, you will always have the option to remove them.

It contains an inner lining with a MIPS (Multi Direction Impact Protection System) that spins slightly upon impact to prevent side-angled injuries frequently caused by falling on skis or snowboards.

MIPS is the highest safety standard on any helmet that’s available right now. You want safety as a top priority for your kids, so picking up the helmet with MIPS should be super important to you.

Smith Prospect Jr MIPS Ski Helmet

Smith Prospect Jr MIPS Ski Helmet


Key Features:

  • Regulator climate control allows easy, one-handed vent adjustment

    14 vents

  • The plush, fuzzy lining adds warmth and comfort

  • Youth-specific, removable Snapfit SL2 ear pads add warmth

  • Weight (Size M, MIPSÂŽ): 16 oz / 450 g


  • Lightweight

  • EPS Foam for a One-Piece Design

  • Maximum Comfort and Venting

  • AirEvac™ Ventilation System

  • Dual-Stage Liner System

  • Adjustable Dial Fit for Easy


  • Quality compromise

  • The rubber they used is low quality

  • Ventilation System is not so good

Anon Windham WaveCel Ski Helmet For Kids ($189.95)

The Anon Windham WaveCel is the best ski helmet for kids. It is made smaller for kids but still has all the features of adult Anon Logan. Some of the qualities of this helmet include a magnetic buckle closure that allows you to access it with only one hand, regardless of whether you're wearing gloves. It's also quick to close so you can focus more on your riding rather than fuss with your gear.

Additionally, it contains a dial that can twist to adjust the fitting of the helmet to accommodate different-sized heads. Plus, it helps keep your child's helmet on during falls and keeps them safe.

A fleece chin strap cover from Anon Windham gives your child the utmost comfort.

This helmet has passive ventilation channels built-in to suck in fresh air from the front and exhaust moisture from the back. These channels keep goggles clean throughout the day and create a balanced, comfortable environment.

The WaveCel technology used in the construction of this helmet is advanced innovation in helmet safety. WaveCel shields against rotational and linear impacts, unlike MIPS, which only protects against rotational effects.

It provides ultimate protection to the child's brain in a collision because studies have demonstrated that a helmet with WaveCel is up to 40 times safer than a regular helmet. We think this is a suitable option to ensure the safety of your kids and is one of the best kids ski helmets you can purchase!

Anon Windham WaveCel Ski Helmet For Kids

Anon Windham WaveCel Ski Helmet For Kids


Key Features:

  • Endura-Shell ABS Construction

  • Passive Ventilation

  • In-shell 360° BOAÂŽ Fit System

  • FidlockÂŽ Snap Helmet Buckle

  • Audio Accessory Compatible

  • Anon helmets are backed by a two-year crash replacement policy


  • Safe Helmet to Ski

  • Long Lasting Quality of Helmet

  • Ultimate Protection to Head

  • Helps Protect Against Rotational Force

  • Durable Hardshell

  • One-Hand Adjustability


  • Expensive

  • Inadequate warranty

  • Helmets quality is not good

  • MIPS system is not strong

Smith Holt Jr. ($70)

The Smith Holt Jr. Helmet is the best kids ski helmet, offering bomber protection, a straightforward design, and detachable ear pads so you can use it both on the slopes and off-mountain as a bike or skate helmet. 

Get him the Smith Holt Jr. Helmet if your young skier always disappears into the park to give you some much-needed parental peace of mind. The half-pint shredder wants to rock the skate-inspired design when out riding with buddies, and the Bombshell ABS shell and molded EPS foam lining are what you want between your child's head and all the trial and error that comes with winter sports.

On warm days when he hikes the train line, the Air Flow climate control keeps him cool, and the Air Evac ventilation lessens goggle fog by directing air from the forehead out the top vents. The Holt Jr. comes with a convertible pad kit that allows it to function in the summer as a skate/bike.

The 4-season approval of the Smith Holt Jr. ski helmet for kids allows young athletes to wear it all year round. Its robust design resists damaging blows, and the plush lining provides warmth.

Effective protection can be used on the slopes or in the skate park. All-season performance and safety ratings for ski kids helmets, snowboards, and bikes are combined with discrete style. Your attention is kept on the task at hand and not on the fit thanks to the adjustable elastic at the back of the head.

Smith Holt Jr.

Smith Holt Jr.


Key Features:

  • Bombshell Construction

  • Airflow Climate Control

  • Adjustable Dial Fit System

  • Removable Bombshell Earpads

  • Removable Goggle Strap Lock


  • Molded EPS Foam

  • Robust Design

  • Half Shell

  • Fixed Venting

  • Limited Lifetime


  • Expensive

  • MIPS System is not so good

  • Low-Quality Helmets

  • Dial System not working accurately

Giro Crue MIPS Snow Helmet ($67.46)

MIPS is a development in helmet design that can offer more protection in some accidents. The Interior Foam Liner, Low Friction Liner, and elastomeric attachment system are the three primary parts of a MIPS-equipped helmet. The elastomeric attachment mechanism expands upon an angled hit, enabling the foam liner to autonomously rotate around your head. This technology aims to reduce rotating forces even more.

The Giro Crue MIPS is a hard shell construction with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which can offer extra protection in some impacts. Its design is skate-inspired.

MIPS is a ground-breaking new shock absorber for skiing helmets that is intended to provide additional protection for the head in the event of a head impact on the slopes. On the brand page or in the video below, you can see a quick explanation of Giro MIPS.

Additionally, it has a strong Hard Shell Construction, lots of ventilation, and an extremely low profile, detachable Auto Loc 2 Fit System for the best possible fit and comfort. A robust self-adjusting fit system called Auto Loc 2 combines an elastic fit band at the back of the helmet with fixed position straps that may be adjusted to cradle the head.

Children's distraction-free mountain riding means cool style, ventilation, and a great fit. The kids ski crĂźetm helmet is the solution for mini-shredders who are ready to rage.

For young shredders, the Cure Mips offers timeless flair and park-worthy performance. It has sufficient ventilation, a hard and robust shell structure, a multi-directional impact protection system that can offer greater protection in specific impacts, and our revised In Form TM Fit System.

Giro Crue MIPS Snow Helmet

Giro Crue MIPS Snow Helmet


Key Features:

  • In Form Fit System lets you quickly dial in a custom fit, even with gloves on; the ergo-friendly dial at the helmet's base enhances stability and provides up to 6 cm adjustability

  • Rotational motion can cause brain injuries; with MIPS, a low-friction layer slides 10 to 15 mm in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact

  • Hard Shell construction attaches a rugged, molded outer shell to the EPS foam liner; this process produces great, durable helmets at a great price

  • Super Cool Vents pull cool, fresh air into the helmet while pushing heat and stale air out

  • Stack Vent aligns with the center vent of your goggles to keep them fog-free; the helmet is designed for seamless compatibility with Giro goggles (not included)


  • Polycarbonate

  • Rotational motion

  • Stack Vent aligns

  • Super Cool Vents


  • Few are but seemingly a good product

Anon Define ($199)

A helmet and goggle combination that works together to keep children and adults focused on the mountain. By incorporating goggles into the helmet so that nothing comes off or gets misplaced, the best kids ski helmet  makes the experience easier for both kids and parents.

A hard-shell exterior is part of the kid-proof design for everyday durability.

Anon's snowboard and ski helmets for children are especially created to satisfy the special needs of both children and parents. A flawless fit that maximizes comfort and protection is made possible by helmets that were co-developed with Anon kid snow goggles, lenses, and face masks.

Anon snow helmets are the sensible choice for any active boy and girl thanks to cutting-edge features like the Fid lock glove-friendly magnetic buckle and replaceable ear pads and liners for year-round multi-sports use.

A hard-shell exterior is part of the kid-proof design for everyday durability. With the turn of a dial, the 180° BOA Fit System provides an instant, micro-adjustable fit, and fixed vents keep the air moving for fog-free goggles and all-day comfort.

For a precise fit around small faces, our stripper-keeper technology integrates the goggle directly into the helmet. Includes a safe micro fleece tote bag for transportation and storage.

Anon Define

Anon Define


Key Features:

  • Endura shell construction features an injection-molded ABS exterior for long-lasting durability and ding-resistant strength

  • Passive ventilation channels integrated into the helmet draw fresh air in the front and pull moisture out of the back

  • Youth 180° BOA Fit System integrates a fit dial directly into the helmet and provides micro-adjustments that are focused on the rear half of the wearer's head

  • Fidlock snap helmet buckle uses magnets to allow you to open and close the buckle with one hand, even when wearing gloves

  • Strapper-Keeper technology incorporates the goggles right into the helmet for a simple all-in-one design that keeps the goggles strap aligned for perfect on-the-face placement

  • Goggles frame designed to accommodate prescription eyewear underneath the goggles

  • Classic fleece on the liner and ear pads provides optimal warmth and comfort


  • Endura shell construction

  • Passive ventilation channels

  • Fidlock snap helmet buckle

  • Classic fleece

  • MIPS System


  • None

Pret Kid Lid Snow Helmet ($75)

Pret has scaled down the design and functionality of their well-known Lid Helmet to a miniature size. The Kid Lid is just as functional as its big brother without sacrificing anything. For the greatest fit and protection in its class, turn to the best Kid ski helmet.

Removable Ear Cover Audio Ready In Mold Multi Shell Construction RCS QR Fit System Washable Tricot Lining Wool Blend Fabric. We have scaled down our well-liked LID's design and functionality to a miniature size.

With no compromises, the KID LID offers the same amazing functionality as its larger brother. When defending our most priceless resource, we don't take any shortcuts. For the greatest fit and protection in its class, turn to the KID LID.

The Pret kids Lid helmet is a lightweight, unisex helmet. The Lid features an ACT multi-shell in mold design with polycarbonate shells that overlap over the ears. This sturdy yet lightweight helmet can be worn everywhere on the mountain.

The Kid Lid helmet offers younger athletes the same level of durability, protection, superb fit, and style as our well-liked Lid helmet.

Level 1 ventilation is a quick and easy method. The Kid Lid's direct venting is always open and has vents made especially for high-output activities.

Pret Kid Lid Snow Helmet

Pret Kid Lid Snow Helmet


Key Features:

  • ACT (Advanced Composite Technology) design places carbon composite plates on top, rear and sides, adding protection and performance to the in-mold polycarbonate shell base

  • Rotational motion can cause brain injuries; with MIPS, a low-friction layer slides 10 to 15 mm in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact

  • Quick-release RCS (Ripcord System) fit system gives you 4 cm of micro-adjustment for a perfect fit; instantly release the RCS by pulling up on the adjustment dial

  • A covert removable ear cover system lets you quickly and easily uncover your ears without messing with the fit system—perfect for hot spring days and quick weather changes

  • Audio-ready pockets let you drop in your audio for seamless tunes while cruising the hill; compatible with most earbud-style audio systems (not included)

  • Eco-smart recycled performance polyester fleece lining keeps things warm and dry


  • Construction of many shells in mold

  • RCS QR Fit System Washable Tricot Lining

  • Wool-blend textile

  • Removable ear plugs

  • Audio Prepared


  • None


Let’s say you finally concluded to buy the best kids ski helmets mentioned above in the article. So, which one do you choose? Yeah right, I also recommend to you these and my favorite ones are Kelvin Ski Helmet and Diamond Ski MIPS helmet.



with ASTM Certified Safety

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Because these products are perfect, Outdoor Master proved every time I received their extraordinary, mind-blowing high quality with some astonishing features. Well, if you are confused and did not know what to do, then just follow my lead and you will get to the right ski helmet for kids.


How To Find The Best Ski Helmet for your kids That Fits Perfectly

Kids' ski or snowboard helmets must be the perfect size for a pleasant adventure on the mountain.

The proper fit not only ensures that the helmet guards as it should, but it also significantly improves comfort. Large-sized helmets tend to move during the day, leaving some regions vulnerable. Others that are too narrow are pretty unpleasant and don't have room for caps, skull liners, balaclavas, or other chilly weather headgear.

The most incredible method to guarantee that your child will keep their helmet on while out riding or skiing is to make sure that you are purchasing one that they will find comfortable to wear.

Nowadays, kids' snow helmets typically come in a small range of sizes, but each size will generally fit a variety of head sizes and shapes. It is because many helmets come with an adjustable band that can be tightened or loosened to achieve the ideal fit.

How Do I Measure My Kid’s Head For A Ski Helmet?

Measuring your child's head is relatively simple to figure out the right helmet size. Measure the circumference of their head, right above the eyebrows, with a soft tape measure. The best technique to evaluate fit is to measure the largest area of the head. Calculate this distance in centimeters and compare it to the ranges of measurements for each matching helmet size.

You are ready to go when you have the measurement and have identified the range that matches the helmet size. Suppose your child's head measurement falls between the ranges listed.

In that case, we recommend sizing up because you can add a thicker beanie or hat that can often make up for helmets, or you can adjust the size by the adjustable dial and get even more use out of the helmet as they grow. One that is too tiny will, once more, be unpleasant and might only endure part of the season.

Helmets For Kids With ROUND Heads

After the relatively straightforward process of selecting your size, the most crucial element is the helmet's size and shaping. Heads appear to fall into one of three categories: long oval, middle oval, or round oval. Although the degree of ovalness varies, most people have a broadly oval shape.

Ask a friend to examine your head from above to determine your head shape. Alternately, your best option is to try on helmets from a variety of brands and pay attention to where you have pressure.

Find out how other people perceive the same helmets to determine your head shape. Round-oval-shaped heads will experience more pressure above the temples. Remember that various manufacturers are recognized for producing helmets in particular forms to adjust to your shape and choose a helmet that suits your head well.

Similarly, Smith creates headgear for people with round faces. POC and Bern, which are aimed at intermediate oval skulls, seem to fit better in the middle.

How To Choose A Kids Ski Helmet That Works Well With Goggles

In addition to a perfect fit, a helmet's suitability with the goggles you will be wearing is crucial. The distinction between a fit interface and a large gap on a chilly day might be painfully obvious.

On a cold day, the feared "gaper gap" the space between the top side of the goggles and the helmet can cause brain freeze and finger-pointing in ski areas.

If possible, get your helmet and goggles both from the same place, but if that is not an option, bring your goggles with you when you try helmets. The goggles may feel like they are being forced down into your face if there is not enough room between the nose's bridge and the helmet's brim.

By sizing the helmet so that the top should be approximately 1-1.5 inches above the level of your eyebrows, you will be able to control the "gaper gap" and the previously described spatial issue.

Ski Helmets vs Snowboard Helmets

Nowadays, "ski helmets" and "snowboard helmets" are called interchangeable terms or just "snow helmets." for both activities.

There is no functional distinction between a snowboard helmet and a ski helmet. In light of this, choosing a ski or snowboard helmet is primarily a matter of style. A snowboarding helmet can be worn while skiing and vice versa.

You may be wondering why they have different labels. The answer is  Marketing! It is the key to everything. The same helmet is offered by many brands for both skiing and snowboarding.

Snowboarders and skiers wear the same helmets. Manufacturers paint graphics on it and play on people's ignorance when they refer to it as a "snowboard helmet." Skiing is the term used when an object slides against a surface.

Since the same mechanics are used in both helmets, they are identical. Snow helmets protect against blows, the weather, and head protection. There is nothing new about skiing and snowboarding that would alter this just marketing.

What Is MIPS And Should I Buy A Kids Ski Helmet With MIPS?

Today, almost all helmet manufacturers provide models with the ultimate rotational impact protection. With a research-driven design, this technology has the potential to lessen the severity and frequency of brain injuries. Impacts to the liner are well-absorbed by conventional helmets. Most headgear accidents, meanwhile, are Multi-directional.

Multi-directional Impact Protection Technology, or MIPS for short, is the most widely used rotational impact protection system for ski helmets in the USA. To put it simply, MIPS enables your helmet's tough external shell and inner liner to stretch and slide during an impact. The rotating forces that result after the collision are lessened.

Most helmet manufacturers either provide MIPS as standard features or charge a few bucks for it. We encourage any effort that seeks to enhance a helmet's fundamental purpose, which is to lessen the severity of head damage during impact.

Remember, It is one of the most important things to ensure the protection of your kids.


She/her. Other than outdoor sports enthusiast, nothing else define me as a person. let's connect! mayi@outdoormaster.com

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