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Ski Goggles PRO + Kelvin Ski Helmet - 2 in 1 Package
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When you buy a new ski helmet and goggles, you may be concerned that they aren't compatible. This is more of an issue if you're helmet and goggles are from different brands.

However, if your goggles and helmet are from the same brand, they will work together perfectly. Therefore, Outdoor Master snow bundles package helmets and goggles together to make the perfect combination. There are also snow bundles for goggles with an additional lens and ones that include ski helmets.

Why Your Ski Goggles And Helmet Need To Be Compatible

outdoor master ski goggles and snow helmets are perfectly compatible

Ski goggles and helmets must work together to keep the elements out, keep you comfortable and safe, and your vision clear.

There are three ways your helmet and goggles can cause issues while skiing. The first way is that they can leave your forehead exposed if the front of your helmet and the top of your goggles aren't close enough together. This is known as the gaper gap, Jerry gap, or the Gorby gap, and is a big no-no in the ski and snowboard world. 

The gap looks terrible, and your forehead can become red with sun and windburn. So even when you're not on the slopes, you'll have a bright red forehead for everyone in the après bar to enjoy.

On the other side, if your helmet and goggles interfere with each other, your helmet will push your goggles downwards. This puts uncomfortable pressure on the bridge of your nose. It also affects how well your helmet sits on your head, compromising your safety.

Helmets and goggles that are compatible together are also better for preventing your lens from fogging. This is because their ventilation works in unison to maximize airflow. Cold air can enter at the front of the goggles and exhaust out the back unhindered by mismatched ventilation.

So if you buy your helmet and goggles together in a snow bundle, you can be confident that they'll fit together correctly.

Why Additional Ski Goggle Lenses Are A Good Idea

outdoor master interchangable/ magnetic ski goggles lens

Ski and snowboard goggles provide you with the best coverage and protection when you're shredding the mountain. Modern goggles are packed with technology to help you see as clearly as possible, but there's only so much a single lens can do.

You'll notice that skiers and snowboarders wear different colored lenses. This is partly for their appearance, but different lens colors suit specific light conditions.

For example, you'd wear a darker lens on sunny bluebird days, but it wouldn't perform as well when it's cloudy. So your vision will be compromised if you're skiing or snowboarding on a day with variable weather.

But, if you carry a different lens in your backpack, you can change the lens to suit the light. This is made easier if the goggle lens is held in place magnetically, as you can switch lenses in seconds.

Outdoor Master Snow Bundles

Goggle And Lens Snow Bundles

PRO Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

PRO Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens, Anti-Fog Coated & Polarized Tech

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ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Color Optimization, Super HD & 3x Anti-Fog Coating

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The Outdoor Master goggle and lens snow bundles provide an additional lens with your goggles. You can choose between a wide range of primary lens colors with an extra clear or yellow lens. The clear lens is perfect for night skiing, while the yellow lens is the best option for cloudy days.

Each choice of goggles in the snow bundles offers high-quality optics. For example, the PRO and VISION Toric Goggles have polarized lenses to reduce glare. They both use the interchangeable magnetic lens system and 100% UV400 protection. The ULTRA Snow Goggles feature color optimization technology, which filters blue light to enhance contrast and help you to spot imperfections in the snow.

Helmet And Goggle Snow Bundles



Ski Goggles PRO + Kelvin Ski Helmet - 2 in 1 Package

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By buying your helmet and goggles together in a bundle, you can be sure they will work well together. Outdoor Master has a few helmet and goggle snow bundles to choose from.

The PRO and Kelvin helmet bundle gives you high-performing goggles with a magnetic interchangeable lens system, an HD frameless polarized lens, and an ASTM-certified helmet. This is a faultless combination that looks great and works like a dream.

You can also order the Kelvin helmet in a bundle with the Outdoor Master Ultra and the Vision goggles. These goggles also have color optimization technology but use a Toric lens shape for an extra wide field of view.

You can choose the Pro bundle with the Diamond snow helmet if you want extra protection. This gives you an excellent pair of goggles that works seamlessly with a high-end MIPS helmet that reduces rotational forces you may experience during a crash.


What is a MIPS ski helmet?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It uses a slip plane that moves when your helmet is subjected to an angular force in a crash. The design reduces rotational forces on your head and neck.

Are snow goggles necessary?

If you're skiing slowly and the weather is nice, you can get away with wearing a good pair of sunglasses. However, goggles protect you from wind and snow blindness much better. Their extra coverage means your eyes don't water when you pick up speed.

Do glasses fit under ski goggles?

Not all ski goggles accommodate prescription glasses. If you wear glasses, you need to look for OTG (over the glasses) ski goggles. These goggles have more room inside and thicker foam to create a seal around the arms of your glasses.

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