Hawk II Polarized Sports Sunglasses

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  • Polarized TAC Lens
  • UV400 Protection
  • New Design with TR90 Frames
  • HD Visual Experience

Polarized TAC Lens UV400 Protection
OutdoorMaster Hawk II cycling sunglasses have UV400 protective coating HD lenses, blocking the harmful UVA and UVB to our eyes. Multi-layer polycarbonate polarized coating is used to achieve the excellent optical quality of the glasses.
New Design with TR90 Frames
Outstanding shape design to slow down wind resistance during movement, made of memory materials TR90 frame offers a perfect fit for riders of all sizes, lightweight and comfortable.
Polarized HD Visual Experience
Enjoy unmatched clarity and glare reduction for a vivid view of the road ahead. Say goodbye to eye strain and stay focused in any condition.
Versatile Functionality
Hawk II sports sunglasses are your ideal companion for a range of outdoor activities including cycling, baseball, golf, fishing, and kayaking under the intense sunlight. Experience reduced eye fatigue and enjoy sharper, clearer vision for ultimate performance.
Adjustable Strap

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