ULTRA Replacement Lens

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Storm or night
VLT 13% Grey Lens with Full REVO Sapphire Blue
VLT 17% Grey Lens with Full REVO Pink
VLT 11% Grey Lens with Full REVO Radiant Blue
VLT 10% Grey Lens with Full Sliver
Photochromic VLT10%-80% Clear to Grey
VLT 19% Grey Lens with Full REVO Blue
VLT 22% Optimize Orange Lens with Full REVO Pink
VLT 29% Optimize Orange Lens with Full Sliver
VLT 26% Optimize Orange Lens with Full REVO Blue
VLT 29% Optimize Orange Lens
VLT 60% Clear Blue Lens
Photochromic VLT55%-88% Clear to Pink
VLT 90% Clear Lens

10+ Different Magnetic Lens<br>Color Optimization, Super HD, 3x Anti-Fog Coating



Color-Optimization Technology

Ultra anti fog snowboard goggles featured with Color-Optimization Technology provide high-definition optics by boosting the contrast on the snow field, especially in flat light conditions. It helps you to spot irregularities quickly when sliding down the slopes.
ski goggles with Color-Optimization Technology

Extra Wide Field of View

With the latest lens shape design on the market - Toric lens, ULTRA combines the low distortion of the cylindrical lens and the wide field of view of the spherical lens, allowing you to see more, and see clearer.
Toric Lens-Ultimate Wide Field of Vision

Super HD Technology

Luminous Refractive Pressed lens offers the premium clarity with great contrast enhancement. It largely reduces the refraction which allows the focus to fall precisely on the retina. This innovative feature would let you easily see everything crystal clean with less eye strain.
Super HD Technology

3x Powerful Anti-Fog Coating & Ventilation

Ultra XL goggles’ Anti-Fog Coating provides you with triple-effect reinforced fog-free performance compared with ordinary lenses. It allows the lens to absorb significantly even the finest moistures within less time. Combined with our triple layer foam that maximizes air ventilation within your goggles, you will enjoy a fantastic skiing experience with excellent optical clarity & zero fogging.
3x Powerful Anti-Fog Coating & Ventilation

Maximum Safety

100% UV400 Protection greatly prevents your eyes from harmful UV rays, which efficiently reduces eye strain. Impact-Resistant Components and Anti-Scratch Lenses make a more flexible and useful set of goggles to deal with any impact.
Maximum Safety

One-second Lens Swap

With the use of the quick-release magnetic frame design, you would be able to change out lenses effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the time of alternatively mounted options.

Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team

Although the brand is young, we have become an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team with our innovation and reliable quality. By sponsoring USCSA (US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association), we also support young people to inspire their potential.
Official Supplier to the US Ski Team

Choice of Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes have been impressed with the quality and technology of Outdoor Master products and have chosen to become ambassadors for our brand. We also constantly improve and upgrade our products through feedback from our athletes in training and competition.

What's Included

1 x Replacement Lens
1 x Microfiber Pouch (also works as a cleaning cloth)
what's in the package

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Davis
Works as described.

Seeing lots of these goggles with lenses held in place using magnetic connections I wanted a pair. Figuring that I could purchase a lens for sunny days and one for cloudy and do away with many others I had in my ski draw. Works great! Highly recommend.Problem with finding just a lens from the same company to fit the same frame. They did not make it easy. Once I placed my order after much research for the replacement (they all look the same) I still had my doubts. But no problem. Both lenses fit perfectly and both work as advertised.Bonus: they say avoid excessive lens washing/cleaning. I always rinse the cushioned sponge type material that touches my face…so actually no problem…the lenses are removable! Duuuh.Anyway buy this. You’ll love it. Buy a Sunny day lens and a cloudy day lens.

Alexandrea Lind
Came with a distortion in the lens

Magnets work as expected, but a bit more than halfway up there's a horizontal line of visual distortion that was really distracting. Makes me a little wary of buying another one.

Darrion Jacobson
Great for skiing at night

We bought the goggles with multiple sets of lenses the clear lens is great for night skiing and cloudy days

Jada Willms
good product for the price

nice lenses - works great for cloudy & snowy days!

Pearline Ullrich
Great quality

Love it