OutdoorMaster Deer Ski Helmet Bundle

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Impeccable Fit for Seamless Adventure
Our meticulously designed ski helmet and goggles offer a perfect fit, ensuring an uninterrupted and comfortable winter experience. Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and more, this set is a must-have for thrill-seekers
Unrivaled Protection
Crafted from premium materials and meeting rigorous safety standards, our helmet and goggles provide paramount protection. Featuring shockproof and penetration-resistant technology, our gear shields your head from potential harm, allowing you to explore fearlessly.
Designed for Comfort
The Deer ski helmet boasts 8 strategically placed air vent holes for effective ventilation, while our goggles are engineered for optimal lens airflow to combat fogging. Purposeful ventilation apertures shield you from freezing winds while maintaining clear vision.
Clarity and Comfort Combined
Our ski goggles fit comfortably over glasses for both adults and youth, ensuring a clear and hassle-free skiing experience. Enjoy fog-free visibility in all conditions and stay safe with 100% UV400 protection and years of reliable use.
Adjustable Strap

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Kaiyah Nangauta

OutdoorMaster Deer Ski Helmet Bundle

Max Muffley
Screwed up order.

No order confirmation other than my VISA was charged immediately!! No way to track my order.No response from customer service via email or by phone!!

Beautiful Ski Helmet!

The product tested was the large size white helmet in the deer model with the ski goggles. The ski helmet looks fantastic and the matte white paint is scratch resistant and durable. The outer shell is a hard plastic and is very protective. The Inside is lined with foam and a comfortable soft padding material that is absorbent and not hot on the heat. The ventilating holes are designed at a good angle and size that it provides good circulation of air as speed is gained. However, it would have been nice to have a slider that can adjust the amount of venting for more comfort in changing weather conditions. The helmet fits nicely and the large will fit medium to large heads. Both the chin strap and the back is adjustable and can be made significantly smaller with the rotating dial in back. The chin strap has a robust clip and is also soft and comfortable. The tab at the back to attach the goggle strap to is secure, and unlike the plastic clips will not break or loose flexibility in colder weather. The button is tight and will not come loose easily during a fall.The goggles are reflective and have nice protection against the sun in bright light. It significantly dims the view and is fantastic during the day. At night it can be slightly dim but can still see out of them no issues. The band is thick and wide and highly elastic. There are anti slip ridges on the back to keep a more secure grip to the helmet and can also be adjusted to fit any head size. The front of the goggles have some flexibility and conforms to the face exceptionally well making it comfortable to wear and does not fog up easily.Overall, a fantastic ski goggle and helmet set that is protective, well designed, durable and should last a long time.

Tee Cee
: Good-enough quality helmet, googles are serviceable

I was quite surprised when I saw that product arrive. It had no product box, just a simple bubble-wrap around the helmet. I don't know if this is only applicable to the first batch or "Vine reviewers" versions, but on that part, it doesn't look great. So, I thought maybe they would have put money on the quality of product itself instead of the presentation of said product?Well, yes, and no.First off, on the “Yes” side, the matte finish of the helmet looks good. It can be scratched, but it's not easy to do so, so it should survive a few trips before seeing some battle scars, and the lighter scratches can essentially be polished with your fingers alone.Fit is as expected: I have a relatively large head (23.15 in circumference), and the Large size has plenty of room left, and I knew that the Medium probably wouldn't fit. For me, the size feels totally fine and there is plenty of space for a balaclava for colder days. The dial is easy to adjust and feels rugged and high-quality enough. It feels warm enough while still providing some well needed ventilation, and the earpads are removable, but that's expected nowadays.The goggles are narrower than what we mostly see, but they're like a perfect fit for the helmet and offer good coverage and allow you to see properly with relatively clear optics. If it was necessary for me to wear my eyeglasses while practicing sports, it would be quite tight though. They would fit, but they would slightly be squished, but I wear rather large eyeglasses. I would expect most people not to have worries about that. They're probably thinner and flimsier than what people would usually wear, but as a starter set, these aren't too bad. From a budget and preference perspective, I would have preferred to get the chance to only buy the helmet at a lower price and get separate googles.Now, still on the “Not-so-great” side, the helmet warranty is limitative. At only 6 months, this is lower than what most bigger brands offer, and considering you can sometimes find these other brands helmet on sale or on clearance here and there, this is definitely something to consider. The included goggles normally are warrantied against defect for one year, which is pretty standard I guess.Still, it's a good helmet/goggles combo, and as a starter set, I guess that one could do way worse.

Mr Z
High quality helmet and goggles

This is a very high quality helmet for the price. Build quality is very solid and feels will resist minor impact niccely. Ventilation is surprisingly good and a key highlight as it's not too warm nor too cold depending on the conditions. The provided lense is also of decent quality and makes it for a good kit at a competitive price.