Our Story

Where is our happiness in this
rapid-changing world?

We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts from New York, Paris, and Shenzhen. We live in fast-paced cities. Work and personal life are often rushed and mashed together in a blur of activity. In January of 2010, we decided to join each other to ski in Les Deux Alpes, France. "Is this the feeling you get in modern cities?” Our coach asked us, “Welcome to the Alps, and enjoy yourself!" After the trip, our minds just got occupied by the joy and happiness while skiing in the Alps. We started to reflect on the life we’ve been living: the pace seems to be getting faster and more frenetic every year, largely thanks to the advances in technology as if our internal gear has only two speeds: fast and faster. It’s obvious how miserable our life would be if we kept on going this way, we wanted to break out, we needed to get outdoors!
Starting the exploration
For this friendship, the love of the outdoor and nature, we decided to explore the world through outdoor sports.
We surfed in Hawaii to overcome fear, dived in Palau to meet the beautiful Blu-ray ocean, skied in Denver to enjoy the speed, hiked in Nepal to challenge ourselves…
We found an unbearable gap in outdoor gears
During our outdoor adventures, it always got us frustrated to find the proper gear which is solid and affordable and can sustain our exploration through out different stages.
We found that most cheap outdoor products fail to satisfy our needs and high-end gear is just too pricy. As our outdoor experience and skills grow, we have to constantly look for different products to meet our changing demands.
Born of OutdoorMaster

Persistent solutions for all levels

In 2015, we launched OutdoorMaster, with the mission to provide quality and affordable outdoor products for all levels of outdoor sports lovers. Base on solid quality, technological innovation, and nature-oriented design, we produce a wide range of outdoor gears that can support our consumers through different stages of outdoor exploration.

Keeping high quality with
affordable price

From the very beginning when we started OutdoorMaster, we aim to deliver our consumers quality products at a reasonable price, it’s tough to do so via conventional way. However, we found the solution to tackle the issue - DTC (Direct-To-Consumer).

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