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#DoWhatYou Believe!

Outdoor Master® builds on the #DoWhatYouBelieve brand spirit, by lowering barrier of entrance with solid tech and reasonable price, we level the playing field for all.
Outdoor Master® believes that all of us deserve the opportunity to enjoy the joyful experience of participating in outdoor sports. As we were unhappy with the general situation of good outdoor gears costing way too much money, we now have our brand to bring cutting-edge technologies to mid-priced products


Where the Outdoor Master®'s story began...

Outdoor Master® was founded in 2015 by Leo Liu, a geek with an endless passion for outdoor sports. In that year, he looked at the price tags of all the tech-intensive products on the market, which at the time were utterly ridiculous, and thought, 'to hell with that!' In Leo's and his friends' view, price should be the last thing that pushes people away from the joy of the outdoors.

Unexpectedly, things worked out so well...

There was much doubt in the early days when Leo started Outdoor Master®. After all, outdoor sports (such as skiing, SUP) were known as "rich people" sports. One single pair of ski goggles could cost up to 200 dollars. He had no idea if he was to be able to break such a status quo just by passion alone.

To the surprise of pretty much everybody, the same year the brand was set up (2015), our first product Outdoor Master® OTG Snow Goggles, blew up in popularity instantly on Amazon. Until the end of 2016, 1million skiers chose the product and yielded it a 4.7/5 rating.
Leo was stunned by such results, knowing that new mid-range, high-quality products could now be made, and the money coming in could only greatly help that effort. At the same time, he saw that their vision was being visualized and recognized by many people. Leo soon debuted many concepts and features for their products, including color optimization, photochromic lenses, and so on. Outdoor Master® later pushed Kelvin ski helmets and Pro ski goggles, another pair of quick best sellers well-received by the market.

Leo had since never stopped exploring new ideas and creations. When he was talking with iSUP players, he discovered the significant need among its players-- the majority of pumps on the market are manual and totally take the wind out of you before you even go in the water. He thought, what if that was an automatic process? A couple of months later, SUP Electric Pump Shark was out in our stores, and it blew the market out of the water yet again. iSUP players then called Outdoor Master® the ultimate savior to their elbows. Later, a cooling system, together with a built-in battery, was added to the product, ensuring simultaneous operation on multiple SUPs without overheating, all without a single electric cable.

In these years, Outdoor Master® has always aimed at thriving to provide high-quality but mid-ranged priced products, giving access to more and more people the true joy of outdoor sports.

What we did throughout these years:


We had become, in 2021, one of the Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team named by The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSSA)

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Total Outdoor Gears Sold

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