Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles

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Black Frame VLT 18% Zeiss Uniform ML Green + VLT 91% yellow lens
Black Frame VLT 17% Zeiss Uniform ML Super Silver + VLT 91% yellow lens
Black Frame VLT 21% Zeiss Uniform ML Pink + VLT 91% Yellow Lens
Black Frame VLT 18.6% Zeiss Uniform ML Blue Frozen + VLT 91% Yellow Lens
Black Frame VLT 27% Zeiss Uniform ML Blue + VLT 91% Yellow Lens
Black Frame VLT 19% Zeiss Uniform ML + VLT 91% Yellow Lens
Black Frame VLT 12.93% Zeiss Dark Smoke + VLT 91% Yellow Lens

HD Lens, Frameless, OTG

  • Lens by ZEISS(ZEISS SONAR Technology)
  • Replacement Yellow Lens is NOT Zeiss Lens
  • Super HD Lens
  • MagKlick (One-second Lens Swap)
  • VS Treatment (Super Antifoging)
  • Frameless Design
  • UV400 Protection
  • Over The Glasses (OTG)



ZEISS SONAR Technology

Falcon lens by ZEISS Snow Goggles, featuring a falcon-inspired strap and ZEISS lenses for unmatched clarity. Enjoy high contrast vision, a magnetic lens changing system, and a bonus low light lens, ensuring optimal performance in varying light conditions.
Super HD Lens
ZEISS lennses offer a level of smoothness and clarity that surpasses most ski goggles on the market. Delve into the true high-definition of the terrain, crafted to prevent dizziness and visual fatigue, ensuring your mountain vision is as safe as it is clear.

MagKlick (One-second Lens Swap)

Adapt to changing mountain conditions in the blink of an eye with MagKlick. Our magnetic quick-release system is the epitome of efficiency, enabling you to swap lenses in one swift motion. No fumbling, no wasted time—just a seamless transition that keeps you in rhythm with the day.
Toric Lens-Ultimate Wide Field of Vision

Frameless Design

Embrace the freedom of our frameless design, which offers a boundless field of view. The sleek construction not only looks sharp but also reduces weight and eliminates visual distractions. With these goggles, your connection to the mountain is unobstructed, pure, and complete.
Official Supplier to the US Ski Team

Over The Glasses (OTG)

Designed with the vision-impaired skier in mind, our goggles comfortably fit over most prescription glasses, ensuring that everyone has access to sharp, precise vision on the slopes
best anti fog ski goggles

VS Treatment (VaporShield)

Our VS Treatment is the ultimate defense against the dreaded fog. With a unique coating that absorbs moisture like a sponge, our goggles promise a fog-free skiing adventure. Combined with a triple-layer foam that optimizes air flow, your vision remains crystal clear, ensuring nothing stands between you and the mountain.
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What's Included

ski goggles anti fog

Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team

Although the brand is young, we have become an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team with our innovation and reliable quality. By sponsoring USCSA (US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association), we also support young people to inspire their potential.
Official Supplier to the US Ski Team

Choice of Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes have been impressed with the quality and technology of Outdoor Master products and have chosen to become ambassadors for our brand. We also constantly improve and upgrade our products through feedback from our athletes in training and competition.
best anti fog ski goggles

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Paul kraus
Solid goggles

They fit well and look nice. The lenses are very clear and the magnetic lens swap system is fast and easy

Chris Reed
Outdoor Master Falcon goggles

Goggles arrived very quick, and they look awesome. Can't wait to try these out.

Just another pair of goggles

The new feature of these falcon goggles are the Zeiss lens, and you’d only get one pair (the low light lenses are not zeiss branded).

The frame is about as wide as the outdoor master pros, which is about 18.5cm or 7.5in. This sticks out way more, about 1 additional inch to compensate for their extra ventilation in between the foam and frame. If you already own the outdoor master helmets, the googles will not be flush against the helmet (ultras and pros are flush against those helmets). If you have a smith helmet with a lip, your google will still stick out. I am a sized large for reference.

I felt that this wasn’t performing any different than their existing lens, which already has their in house light contrasting technology.

The extra vent space was supposedly designed to allow cold air to flow into the goggles and keep it fog less, which did help a little bit.

This was not designed for low nose bridges, so expect a lot of air/powder to fly into the nose cracks.

It is somewhat capable for glasses to be worn underneath but it pinches the side of the goggle foam, just like the other smaller frames.

So if you’re looking for a sleek look, you’d probably have to test run it with an appropriate sized helmet, or find another pair entirely.

Liam McLeod
Falcon goggles and lenses

These goggles are very good quality I have skied them for around half a season and they have worked perfectly they haven’t fogged up or fallen out. The lenses are very easy to change on the go and only takes seconds.

OnNae Barlow

Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles