Mustang Dirt Bike Goggles

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Orangeframe Clear Lens
Redframe Mirror Revo Red Lens
Blackframe Clear Lens
Blackframe Mirror Silver Lens
Redframe Mirror Silver Lens
Blueframe Clear Lens
Greenframe Somke Lens

Anti-fog, Lightweight & Comfort

  • Anti-fog And Scratch-resistant
  • Various Tinted Lens Options
  • Lightweight & Ultimate Comfort
  • Over The Glasses



Best Dirt Bike Goggles

Best Dirt Bike Goggles Elevate your riding experience with OutdoorMaster dirt bike goggles that seamlessly enhance your vision. Featuring anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, these goggles guarantee uninterrupted immersion in every moment of your adventure. Shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays and distracting glare, these dirtbike goggles offer unparalleled on-track eye safeguarding.
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Various Tinted Lens Options

Customizable tint options for OutdoorMaster motorcycle goggles ensure a perfect fit for any riding style. Clear lenses are ideal for night riding, while polarized REVO lenses provide improved visibility and an extended range of vision.
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Off-Road Goggles for Every Terrain

Master every twist and turn, from cross-country escapades to daring MTB rides, with the rugged resilience of our impact-resistant ATV goggles. Featuring a built-in ventilation system to keep you cool and sweat-free, and a nose guard that deflects dust and debris, these goggles are primed for any off-road pursuit.
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Lightweight & Ultimate Comfort

Experience ultimate comfort during those lengthy rides with our motocross goggles.The adjustable elastic strap, tailored for various rider sizes, promises a secure and comfortable journey every time.
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Over-The-Glasses (OTG)

Crafted with an over-the-glasses (OTG) design and triple-layer foam, they ensure a plush fit that endures.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jessica M
Decent goggles

These are pretty nice goggles. They fit well in my helmet and on my face and do a good job at keeping dirt and debris out of my eyes. They don't fog up and are comfortable to wear with plenty of cushioning around my eyes. I have worn them several times out trail riding and they haven't scuffed yet.

W Tam
Works well with my fox proframe rs

Been using this for downhill mtb. Been using this with my fox proframe rs helmet and it's working great.I do wish it had more ventilation.The strap stays securely to the helmet.I haven't tried it with the tear away covers.

Nice goggles

Outdoor master mustang dirt bike goggles. These are nice, don’t seem to fog and fit well. Silicone strips help keep the strap on the helmet. Love the colour. Overall a nice set for the price.

Stephane Durand
Beautiful and nicely made

The color of these goggles is truly awesome. That bright greenish color just speaks to me! They are very light but a bit less flexible than my higher end goggles. Comparing them to an older pair i had laying around, we can see they are a bit bigger as well, but they do not feel larger once i wear them. My field of vision though, feels better and wider. The extra nose cover may actually come in handy as i may actually try to use them in the winter months for skiing/snowboarding. Great addition to the goggle collection, they are truly very nice.

Love Them!!!

Great, sturdy product & the price point made it even better. The color selection was perfect so my hubby didn't have to feel all flashy with the multi color, he saves that "extra-ness" for me, lol...Anywho, great purchase & worked excellently for our ATV ride in Barbados!!