SUP pump



20 PSI, 3-4 boards, the best-seller
$119.00 $169.99


16 PSI, first pump with built-in battery, inflate as you go
$239.99 $249.99

Cachalot Electric SUP Pump

20 PSI, unique & portable design
$124.99 $169.99


20 PSI with best price for beginners
$86.99 $129.99

Electric SUP Pump Buying Guide

Outdoor Master® is the first brand that came up with the whole idea of Electric SUP Pump back in 2016. Inflating an iSUP board manually had always been difficult between some paddleboards including barely functional pumps in the box and you painstakingly trying to pump the board manually. Naturally, the most efficient way of inflating a SUP is with an electric SUP pump.

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What is a SUP Electric Pump? Why do I Need an Electric SUP Pump? Things about These Pumps You Need to Know as A Newbie Paddler
Four Outdoor Master® iSUP Electric Pumps Comparison Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump: All-Time Best-Seller Whale Battery Powered SUP Pump: Real Portability Dolphin Electric Paddle Board Pump: Best Affordable Cachalot ISUP Electric Pump: The Budget Choice Conclusion FAQ

What is an Electric SUP Pump?

An electric paddle board pump is exactly what it sounds like. It is an air inflator that allows you to inflate your iSUP to the required pressure level measured in PSI (pounds per square). All SUPs have a specified optimal pressure level, just like vehicle tires.

Things about These Pumps You Need to Know as A Newbie Paddler

Optimal PSI Level

The optimal PSI level for an inflatable stand-up paddle board is usually between 10 and 15. The majority of folks pump their boards to a pressure of 10 to 12 PSI. If you're riding in cold or choppy water, a greater PSI will help. Increase the PSI of your board as well if you need a little more stability. Most all-rounder SUP boards, yoga SUP boards and some racing SUP boards usually do with 10-15. However, for some surfing SUP boards or whitewater SUP boards might require 16-20 PSI.

Active vs. Passive Cooling System

An active cooling system consists of a fan and an air channel to actively cool the motor as it works. However, a passive one does not include the fan. It instead tries to cool the motor just with some air channels.

The motor will heat up significantly during its operation, especially during prolonged operation, say, to pump multiple SUPs. So, an active cooling system is required for a pump to be able to inflate multiple SUPs. Both the Shark II and the Whale are equipped with an active cooling system while the Dolphin and the Cachalot have passive ones.

Inflate and Deflate

Apart from the Dolphin, all other Outdoor Master® pumps have both inflating and deflating features using two separate nozzles.

The inflation is a two-stage procedure and the products have an automatic shutdown feature that stops the process once the required pressure level is attained.

The deflation nozzle allows the removal of all air from your SUP, making rolling it up easier while extending the life expectancy of the paddle board. During deflation, the products do not automatically shut down, so you'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it’s done. Starting at 15 PSI, five minutes is more than enough time to deflate your paddleboard fully. If your paddleboard is no longer shrinking, it's time to pack it up.

The 12 V Electrical Outlet Power Cable

You'll need to attach the 9' central wire into a 12V electric cigarette lighter port found in a car or a portable battery to power your iSUP electric pump. The power line is extremely flexible, and the plug can be readily removed and replaced with new ones if it ever breaks.

Valves/ Nozzles

The most critical component of every inflatable paddleboard is the iSUP valve. Because it plays such an important role in the inflating process, we believe the valve has to be a must-have premium accessory.

When inflating most typical inflatable paddle boards, you'll only need one standard nozzle. However, there are several nozzles included in a single purchase. The following 5 nozzles are included in your Outdoor Master® electric SUP pump purchase:

  • Pinch Valve: A small one for things like pool rings or platforms.
  • Boston Valve: For most standard pool inflatables.
  • C7 Valve: For most standard inflatable kayaks.
  • H3/HR Valve: For most traditional inflatable SUPs, especially ones with Halkey-Roberts valves.
  • 805 Valve/S2:Some other brands have a specific requirement for this valve. 805/S2 valve perfectly connected with Halkey Robers valve& WAVELINE XS DINGLY valve.

Why do I Need a SUP Electric Pump?

If one or more of these is you, that means you’ll need a stand up paddle board electric pump, pronto:

  • You're sick of inflating your iSUP manually
  • You're having trouble deflating your iSUP
  • You need to inflate many paddleboards, and quickly
  • You know, or own a paddler who is smaller, younger, or weaker (shhh, a kid) who can't inflate their paddleboard on their own.
  • You've unfortunately recently put your manual pump somewhere where it will be forever forgotten because you really cannot remember and are not bothered to flip your entire garage upside down to find it and want to replace it with something better.

Four Outdoor Master® iSUP Electric Pumps Comparison

Shark II  electric SUP pump pictureShark II Dolphin  electric SUP pump pictureDolphin Cachalot electric SUP pump pictureCachalot Whale electric SUP pump pictureWhale
Max. Psi 20 20 20 16
Inbuilt Battery x x x
Cool System Action Passive Passive Action
Max. Booards Fill Up 3 to 4 1 to 2 2 2 to 3
Deflation x
Price $169.99 $79.99 $129.99 $199.99

Frankly I'd be pretty perplexed by this table(apart from the buck tag part) if I were you. So, which one of these should you get? You shall now be introduced to the similarities and differences of these four products named after some ocean creatures.

Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump: All-Time Best-Seller

Look no further than the 2022 Outdoor Master® Shark II electric pump if you're looking for a strong, well-built pump that can inflate up to 3-4 SUPs in a row without stopping! The Shark electric pump has proven to be dependable, inflating boards from iROCKER, Thurso Surf, GILI, Red Paddle Co, to Chasing Blue, and other prominent SUP manufacturers’ boards quickly and effectively.

While the pump is a little larger than other electric pumps on the market, it is still not very heavy, and it is easy to grip.

More significantly, this pump is really simple to operate, with wonderful features like automatic shut-off once your board has been inflated.

Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump


  • Can inflate 3-4 SUPs non-stop (6-10min each)
  • Very high 20 PSI cap
  • Rapid 2-stage inflation.
  • Deflation nozzle
  • Easy to use touchpad and digital screen.
  • Active cooling system


  • Larger and heavier than most electric pumps. Size isn't a problem if you leave it in the car, but it can be tricky to pack in some SUP backpacks.
  • 12 V cigarette or car outlet only. Jumper cables needed to connect directly to a 12V battery.

Whale Battery Powered SUP Pump: Real Portability

The Outdoor Master® Whale Battery Powered SUP Pump would be a great fit for a paddler that needs something portable and versatile for up to 16 PSI range. The inbuilt battery gives this pump an edge as a compact, cohesive unit. This thing is built to last and will not break easily AT ALL.

Whale Battery Powered SUP Pump


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Solid Industrial design and material quality
  • Integrated LED flashlight for early morning/night trips
  • Included wall outlet adapter for easy charging
  • Battery life display on the digital display


  • 16 PSI cap (not a con if you don’t need more)

Dolphin Electric Paddle Board Pump: Best Affordable

The Dolphin electric paddle board pump is the overall bang-for-buck choice. It is small and portable and is a perfect fit for a car trunk. It even fits in a backpack. Also, it has compatibility with Advanced Element, Atoll, Bluefin, Dynamo, Fanatic, Hero, Hydro-Force, IRocker, Nixy, Peak, Redpaddle, ROC, Thurso and many Other Major iSUP Board brands.

Dolphin Electric Paddle Board Pump


  • Most Affordable
  • Up to 20 PSI
  • Connects to your car's 12V DC connector.
  • 12A fuse for increased safety.
  • Lightest and most compact
  • Digital display with real-time pressure monitoring


  • Only inflates one iSUP
  • Passive cooling system
  • No deflation

Cachalot ISUP Electric Pump: The Budget Choice

The cachalot has a unique square design, different to all other products. Look no further if you want an all-rounder SUP pump with some characters.

Cachalot ISUP Electric Pump


  • Inflates 2 iSUPs in a row
  • Max 20 PSI
  • Deflation
  • Carry handle ergonomically built into body


  • Passive cooling system


  • The Whale is definitely your choice if you want to go wireless. However, it does only support 16 PSI of pressure.
  • If you don't mind inflating your board at your car, the Shark II has mostly all the features for a better price.
  • The Cachalot has a lot of everything, with much less of a price. And if you want both portability and a decent price, the Dolphin is your go-to.


What kind of pump do I need for a SUP?

A 12V electric SUP pump is the ideal solution for SUPers who want to quickly inflate a paddle board.

Are paddleboard pumps universal?

Outdoor Master® electric SUP pump can be used on just about any inflatable product available on the market.

How to Replace the SUP Board Valve?
How long does it take to inflate a SUP with an electric pump?

Between 10-20 minutes. You should expect any 12v pump to take between 10-20 mins to inflate a board. (and if there is no active cooling system, They get hot in use so most of them need time to cool down before being used again.)

Where to buy SUP electric pump?

Well,Outdoor Master! We are a California-based company started by a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts. They found out that getting good functional gear required premium brand prices. Cheap bargain gear frequently didn't work and was a waste of money. They decided to create good, functioning gear at an affordable price. They also were the ones to come up with the SUP electric pump idea back in 2019.

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