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10 Best Snowboarding Movies of All Time for Snowboarding Lovers

best snow boarding movies

There is no better place and time to watch the best snowboarding movies of all time in history. The best time to grab a beer, popcorn, or noodles and, watch a snowboard movie is when the mountains are closed or you are miles from the slopes.

The greatest snowboard movies of all time surprise us, inspire us to ride, and take us to exotic places. That is why we decided to compile the whole list of the best snowboard movies of all time.

Documentaries and educational films on the subject of snowboarding have traditionally occupied their market. There are some pretty unusual, excellent, and educational films out there.

Others focus on the history of snowboarding and key issues athletes face. The third category consists exclusively of educational films, which can show both the basics of boarding and the techniques for performing complex tricks. Some of them show all kinds of tricks, ski resorts, nature, and snowboarding adventures.

List of Best Snowboarding Movies of All Time

The greatest snowboarding movies of all time are cinematic masterpieces that have showcased the best and worst in the sport over the years.

While you're waiting for the first snowfall and the evenings are getting longer, the temperature is dropping and your jackets are heavier, you can while away the time with the best snowboard movies.

There are many snowboarding movies out there, but a select few must be at the top of everyone's must-see movies list.

All you have to do is get your popcorn and drinks ready as we go over the best snowboard flicks of all time. In each of these films, you must make travel arrangements, assemble the crew for your epic vacation, and pack your snowboard gear into your board bag in just two minutes.

These movies will help you get to your Snowy Place even on the powder-free and sun-kissed days.

Odd Man out (1995)

odd man out

A terrific snowboard movie from 1995 was called Odd Man Out. As they visit the home resorts of other professional snowboarders across Europe, some of the best snowboarders of the era are featured.

Expect Davide Vincent, Axel Pauport, Tommy Brunner, and others to demonstrate their mastery of vintage snowboarding techniques. During the journey, the cast of Odd Man Out visits several ski resorts in France, Italy, and, Austria. They even went surfing in Portugal and hit the Snowdome in the middle of the UK.

The soundtrack for Odd Man Out is one of its best features. Each piece of music perfectly complements each scene in the film and sets the ideal mood. Odd Man Out, which barely made it to DVD in the VHS era, is a shame. It used to be split into a few parts on YouTube, but it is not there anymore.

Let It Ride (2007)

Let It Ride

Let it Ride pays homage to the former Godfather of Freeriding Craig Kelly. It spans 25 years and follows snowboarding legend Kelly as he became one of the biggest names in the industry.

He started as a young man before snowboarding was an established sport and brought it to the public and mainstream with his incredible freestyle talents. He won multiple US and World Championships and became a household name in the winter sports industry.

The narrative continues by describing his forays into the backcountry, where he went higher, steeper, and deeper. He made the mountains his home, and his life had been one grand adventure.

Since Kelly tragically perished in an avalanche in 2003, this story is undoubtedly a memorial to him, but the film does an amazing job of making it an exciting watch with an upbeat attitude. It's always fascinating to observe the lives of folks who devote their lives to the mountains while you work 9 to 5 at your desk.

As the Crow Flies (2017)

As the Crow Flies

When Gigi and his snowboard fans want to find the best terrain for next-level riding, they grab their boards and head to the mountains around the world. It's essentially a short story about a group of adventurous adventurers who travel and enjoy themselves.

One simply cannot ask for more from a snowboarding film than the mesmerizing snow-covered landscape, the breathtaking powder, and the world-class riding in this film.

But As the Crow Flies gives you more as the crew also moves to the cities and gets creative. They will find spots in the municipal playground where they can test their skills by hitting roofs, stairs, and benches.

They show us that no matter where you are, all you need is you and your board, and you'll find the fun. The Crew captures the true soul of snowboarding and is a feel-good watch when you're pining for the mountains.

The Art of Flight (2011)

The Art of Flight

Most likely many snowboarders would say The Art Of Flight is their favorite snowboarding movie if you ask them. The snowboarding film The Art Of Flight, released in 2011, revolutionized the discipline.

You can expect amazing driving in stunning locations around the world. The photography is amazing due to the cinematic approach, the heliboarding drops in extreme slow motion, and the breathtaking views.

The Art Of Flight's real stars, though, are the riders. Legends like John Jackson and Mark Landvik appear in this epic by Travis Rice.

Travis Rice's jump from a helicopter onto an impossibly steep mountain in Alaska is one of the movie's highlights. The bikers also have a section where they set out to ride a face in South America. Because of the helicopter's low fuel level, returning to it in time requires swimming across a frozen river.  When they returned to base, they still had 20 seconds of fuel left.

Full Moon (2016)

Full Moon

Full Moon is more than just a great snowboarding movie; it is the story of legendary female snowboarders, the background of women in the field, and their difficulties. This was a massive, two-year effort that was both action-driven and thought-provoking, a beautiful ode to female snowboarders past and present.

The entire cast is great, but Leanne Pelosi, the director, and the outstanding border are the one who pulls off the magic.

R.P.M (Early 1990s)


Check the R.P.M. if you want to travel even further into the past. Another road trip movie starring skate and snow superstars from the early 1990s is this snowboard flick. Younger versions by John Cardiel, Chris Roach, and Noah Salasnek are likely to appear. In the evolving snowboard park scene in California, these individuals are driving the current style of technical snowboarding.

You can watch Bryan Iguchi and Dave Downing wreak havoc at Bear Mountains Outlaw Park. At that moment, Bryan Iguchi performs the first-ever backside 1080 recorded on film. The part of R.P.M. Filmed in the boreal region of Northern California is another outstanding film. One of the coolest snowboard pieces of the early '90s was made by Chris Roach, Aaron Vincent, Noah Salasnek, and Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn and Mike Ranquet have some significant powder-coated faces if you like powder snow parts. Cool, lyrical, funky songs are paired with grittier, rockier songs on the soundtrack. For example, you can hear music from groups like the Afghan Whigs, Super Suckers, Monster Magnet, and Dead Kennedys.

Perceptions (2015)


Another song by the Pirate Crew, which includes Gigi and his friends, is titled Perceptions. The talented drivers, thrill-seekers, and jet-setters in this group are currently embarking on another adventure in Perceptions.

They're at it again, traveling the world to show us the diversity that can be found in all these icy places, from Russia to Austria to the US to Greenland. Of course, you can look forward to nothing short of fantastic views and unusual places to climb on board.

It doesn't get more extreme than that, but one of them is a highlight and iconic scene in the movie and maybe a first in the snowboarding industry.

The Fourth Phase (2016)

The Fourth Phase

Going back to Travis Rice and a more recent snowboard film, The Fourth Phase was released in 2016 and during the build, snowboarders everywhere held their breath in anticipation. The Art Of Flight, widely recognized as the greatest action sports film of all time, phase four followed.

This video, which was the first snowboard movie shot in 4K, is the result of years of experience and painstaking work by Travis Rice and his crew. Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Mikkel Bang, and Mark Landvik appear in the film with Travis. If Red Bull is a sponsor, you can be sure that it is an excellent sponsor as it indicates a big budget.

With so many big companies involved, the financial backing is pretty obvious. Although the film is heavily influenced by big corporations, its originality is still there. The world's tallest mountains and deepest snow are challenges for Travis and his friends in The Fourth Phase.

Throughout the film, they are undoubtedly living their dream. Travis occasionally gets a little philosophical and deep. He talks about snowboarding and our relationship with Bergen as a way of life. Red Bull TV regularly airs episodes of The Fourth Phase. If you can’t wait, you can buy or rent it from Amazon.



Nitro Snowboards and Red Bull created the film Boom. It takes the seriousness out of snowboarding and captures the joy and thrill of the sport.

Even with large business brands engaged, the film retains the pricey movie flair to a minimum. Instead, Boom concentrates on the thrill and exhilaration of snowboarding.

Among the riders, Elias Elhardt, Marcus Kleveland, Eero Ettala, and Victor De Le Rue. These dudes go across continents to smash massive mountains and snow parks.

Boom is a fun snowboarding film that is purposefully unrefined because not all jumps are landed or are flawless. You may expect crash landings, nasty falls, and lots of giggles, which are invigorating and gives you hope for your riding.

This snowboarding film doesn't take snowboarding too seriously and emphasizes how much fun it is.



With this, we return to Travis Rice and his pals. Stronger is another epic film with excellent cinematography.

Travis Rice is joined by Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, and Scott Stevens in this gem of winter action sports. These guys have done a lot of work together in the past, so they have it tuned in when it comes to great snowboarding footage.

The riders travel the world to interesting locations, as in most snowboarding movies. They manage to visit some of the world's top snowboarding spots.

Riders, for example, score deep snow in Alaska and discover secret street places in Finland. Stronger is an excellent snowboarding film that will keep you interested until the final credits roll.

Final Words

I did my best to make that list and spent a little time finding the best snowboarding movies for my readers so you can enjoy watching these movies. Few of the movies are based on a true story and few are just a thriller to make the viewers excited.

Let’s hope you will like this list and learn a few tricks to perform such stunts on your own to make your adventure a memorable journey.