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Best Snowboarding & Ski Goggles Under $100 of 2023 Fully Reviewed

Best Snowboarding & Ski Goggles Under $100

Are you trying to find the best venting eyewear to use while hitting the slopes and perspiring? For a fair price, one can get a fantastic pair of ski goggles. There are several great options for the best ski goggles under $100. You may purchase goggles with spherical lenses and cylindrical lenses in a variety of fittings and color-scheme anti-fog lenses for under $100.

Our team has examined hundreds of goggles over the last two seasons to present you with our top options. We've divided these into a variety of categories to make it simpler for you to select the best seasonal eyewear for your needs and under your budget.

Anti-fog protection, double lenses, and proper ventilation are among the additional requirements for effective anti-fog technology. All three are included in every pair of ski goggles on this list, in addition to other crucial characteristics like size, comfort, and appearance. Choose ski goggles that fit you best and have the appearance you desire.

You can browse through to see all of our buying suggestions or navigate to the category you're interested in. Let's look at the best ski goggles available now for around $100.

So, the wait is over, below we have categorized the 10 most powerful ski goggles

Here’s the list of the top 10 best ski goggles under $100

You can surely see what we have top-picked to read it out quickly

Quick Picks - Best Ski Goggles Under $100 of 2023

  • Outdoor Master Ultra- Best Overall

  • Wildhorn Pipeline- Best Visibility

  • Outdoor Master Ski Goggles Pro - Best Value

  • Oakley Line Miner Snow Goggles - Best Style

  • Outdoor Master OTG Ski Goggles - Best Fit

Outdoor Master Ultra $99.99

Outdoor Master Ultra

Outdoor Master Ultra


The Outdoor Master Ultra ski goggles are up-to-date anti-fog goggles. People who have been hiking in the winter season recently are using these ski goggles and even these goggles are their favorite eyewear.

The color adjustment of the Outdoor Master Ultra-Snow Goggles will help you notice tiny details by increasing the contrast on the snow field, especially in low-light situations. It has been discovered to highlight snow terrain with greater clarity.

Due to airflow and a 3X anti-fog coating, they don't fog up. They offer standard lens options that are effective in harsh or flat light. Use the second lens if you want to go skiing at night or in low light.

It also incorporates a magnetic lens switch, enabling quick lens changes. It also features a toric lens shape which provides the qualities of both cylindrical and spherical lenses, meaning that you will get a wider field view with less distortion.

Outdoor Master Ultra snow goggles also provide 100% UV protection and offer you an OTG-compatible frame.  

UV rays can be filtered and reduced visual strain with 100% UV protection. The highly polished, distinctive lens surface of the Outdoor Master significantly lessens refraction, allowing the focus to fall perfectly on the retina.

Outdoor Master designed the Ultra ski goggle to compete with the top ski goggles brands such as Oakley, Smith, and Anon while staying under $100. In the 100$ deal, you get an additional lens with your goggles, a hard protective case for the spare lens, and two microfiber storage bags.


  • lenses with incredibly high clarity

  • The lens shape is toric and has a distortion-free, wide field of view.

  • It contains two lenses: a primary lens and a light lens.


  • The photochromic lens is not included

Wildhorn Pipeline $99.99

Wildhorn Pipeline

Wildhorn Pipeline


The Wildhorn Pipeline Ski Goggles are the top pick of Wildhorn’s addition. Their lenses are with anti-fog coatings and have a perfect ventilation system that resists fogging and further scratches.

It has Aurora lens technology with a large and cool cylindrical lens. The magnetic lens is easily replaceable because it has two locking snaps that can be changed while wearing these goggles. For every style and ski situation, there are numerous lens and strap options available. The United States Ski Team's official outfitter is Wildhorn.

These goggles do not feature a second lens, which is a pity because if a goggle features a quick interchangeable lens system, they should offer at least two lenses with it. Pipeline lenses have a VLT range of 9% to 82%, with several variations. As of now, they offer almost 11 lenses, and over 70 lens combos are possible.

Clients wearing these goggles feel comfortable and said it looks good on them. Don't forget to overlook the collection of extra lenses that let you adjust for any lighting situation.

Furthermore, the lenses are comprised of two layers of polycarbonate, which is quite common. The Wildhorn goggles are a stylish pair of cylindrical lens goggles for less than $100. Thus, you should try them out.


  • Lens shape is cylindrical

  • It has maximum clear visibility

  • The material texture is Silicone

  • It has a quick swap whenever conditions deviate


  • It has only one lens

  • Difficult to wear them over other glasses

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles Pro $69.99

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles Pro

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles Pro


The goggles that made Outdoor Master famous have been the Pro XM Snow Goggles. They have spherical lenses at an unbelievable price, as well as very clever magnetic lens technology.

In comparison to more expensive goggles, they don't have lenses as nice as PRIZM or ChromaPop, but they don't sacrifice a lot else either. Purchase them directly from Outdoor Master with a 2-lens bundle or a single lens from Amazon.

They are among the best snowboard and ski goggles under $100 on the market right now. These goggles feature a sleek frameless design that gives you completely unobstructed field vision. The frameless design of these goggles has also made the magnetic interchangeable lens system faster. 

Furthermore, it allows you to wear your glasses underneath the goggles. They are OTG (over-the-glass) compatible, although they may not fit over larger-sized glasses.

Additionally, these goggles provide an extremely comfortable fit with a larger field of view and excellent clarity. The lenses offer less sharpness than ULTRA, but they perform perfectly fine for the value.

I strongly recommend these goggles to anyone looking for a good pair of ski goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses at a decent cost.


  • These goggles are spherical, and the lenses are made up of polycarbonate

  • It is available at a great value, it comes in a frameless design

  • Additional options are also available like polarization and photochromic

  • It has a quick swap lens, easily interchangeable with the magnetic lens system

  • It has 80 to 90% VLT

  • Easily can wear above other glasses

  • Both adults and teens can wear

  • It has 100% UV400 protection


  • Not good at far light conditions

  • It has only one lens

Oakley Ridge Line Miner Snow Goggles $83.00 - $113.00

Oakley Ridge Line Miner Snow Goggles

Oakley Ridge Line Miner Snow Goggles


The Ridge Line Miner goggle was developed with a cylinder form to offer the best possible peripheral vision. More than ever before, we were able to draw the eyewear near one’s temple, giving you amazing downward and side-to-side peripheral views.

Line Miner is designed to fit flawlessly with the majority of helmets and has a large-sized fit that is optimized for a wide range of faces. These goggles are so fashionable and comfortable to wear in humid conditions.

Meanwhile, the Oakley Ridge Target Line M Goggles have the same F3 anti-fog coating as Oakley's premium models at a relatively low price. The Line Miner is also available in an XM version for skiers with small or narrow faces.

These goggles feature a great ventilation system that you probably won’t find in this price range.

The Oakley Target Line M Goggles is an excellent ski and snowboard goggles for less than $100. I am delighted to see amazing technology finding its way into more economical goggles, and Oakley's fans will be satisfied with the Line Miners.

The Oakley Target Line M Goggles enable you to see the snow surface more clearly than with the visual inspection. Although they feature replaceable lenses and the design is outdated and slow. So, if you want to change the lens simply purchase the new ones because purchasing more sunglasses is simpler than replacing the lens.


Handcrafted Collection


The DX3 OTG goggle has a fresh look, modern lines, and a contemporary fit. It is a square frame that concentrates on durability and usability with the added advantages of OTG compatibility and Lumalens Color Optimization.

It is easy to handle and looks stylish after wearing it and also comes with an extra anti-fog coating.

If you’re looking for skiing goggles at a very reasonable price then this DX3 OTG is perfect for you to buy, they come in under $100. Using these lenses, you can easily see the objects that are far away from you or even use them in darker places.

It always provides a view that is crystal clear, making sufficiently distant objects easy to perceive. This cool ION lens also is helmet compatible and has Dual layer face foam. Adults and teens both can wear these lenses comfortably.

When compared to other high-profile goggles these goggles have the best lateral visibility and lenses changing mechanism is so easy. You can change the lens anywhere or when the weather forecast suddenly changes. It also comes in various shades and looks fashionable.


  • Dual-layer face foam

  • Covering is a Silicone strap

  • Anti-fog coating overall and super durable

  • Comes in various colors or shades

  • Reduced eye fatigue

  • Clarity of objects

  • Lumalens Color Optimized technology


  • The only thing you'll be missing out on with the low price is the ability to switch lenses.

Range Low Bridge Fit Goggles $80.00

Range Low Bridge Fit Goggles

Range Low Bridge Fit Goggles


Smith's most famous Range Low Bridge Fit Goggles became an immediate success and physically expanded the line. These goggles are a huge pair of goggles with a lens height equivalent to the Oakley Flight Deck.

Due to its straightforward feature set and inexpensive cylindrical lens form, it is also surprisingly low-profile. The two ChromaPop lenses ultimately produce a huge field of vision and pretty decent clarity. It has a variety of head sizes, which are easily adjustable and very stylish looking.

The lens of the Range Low Bridge Fit incorporates the same Fog free lens technology as the premium Smith Goggles while also being scratch resistant.

If you are going to use a goggle for extreme uphill skiing or backcountry climbing, the Smith I/O Mag would be a preferable alternative, but for casual skiing and light backcountry usage, the AirEvac system and open cell foam of the Range Low Bridge Fit will deliver enough ventilation.

They don't have the IO Mag and 4D Mag goggles' magnetic lens switching technology. An additional night vision lens is included, and you may still switch lenses with some effort. If you’re looking for ChromaPop lenses at a reasonable price then these goggles are for you because ChromaPop lenses are unique and demanding lenses in the market nowadays.


  • Cylindrical in shape

  • ChromaPop lens and photochromic lens are both available

  • Better in low-light

  • Anti-fog coatings

  • It has TLT (Tapered Lens Technology)


  • The system for changing lenses is not quick or modest. It requires a few minutes.

  • Easily scratchable. Care must be taken to maintain the lenses' aesthetic appeal.

  • Do not come with an extra minibag for storage.

Oakley Target Line L Goggles $83.00 - $113.00

Oakley Target Line L Goggles

Oakley Target Line L Goggles


The new Target Line L Goggles are modeled by Oakley's Canopy, the company's first real giant snow goggles, and it features a traditional, styled shape and an enormous full-rim toric structure with an enhanced field of vision overall dimensions.

It is available in large, medium, and small sizes and can fit in any face structure thick or thin, also; it is comfortable to attack with other helmets.

The Target Line L Goggles, like other Oakley goggles, have Oakley's unique Prizm lens technology. They function by filtering out specific wavelengths of light, emphasizing colors that your eyes are more susceptible to and preventing those that distract you, enhancing visibility and clarity.

Swappable lens but the trick is lengthy. It gives always crystal-clear vision; you can easily see the objects if they’re far enough.

Despite being in such illustrious brands, the Target Line L Goggles are one of my favorite Oakley goggles so far. I like the all-around feelings, total adjustability to any situation, and the traditional framed design. The Target Line L Goggles have a lot of appeal, with three sizes to pick from and a wide variety of Prizm lenses and colorways.


  • Toric lens shape

  • Excellent Prizm lenses that work well in sunlight, dim lighting, and almost any other lighting situation

  • The high field of view and minimal distortion

  • Great Anti-fog performance

  • Looks stylish and cool after wearing

  • Comfortable to wear in hazardous conditions and snowboarding

  • Lens material is plastic sometimes

  • It comes with an extra protective case


  • It includes only one lens

  • The mechanism to change the lens is difficult if you’re in a hurry

  • High price

Giro Blok Goggles $71.99 - $77.99

Giro Blok Goggles

Giro Blok Goggles


Giro Blok Goggles lens is a large cylindrical and has an Expansion View frame. Each Giro goggle lens has an anti-fog coating to maintain clear vision and a positive surfing experience.

They are competent in all areas and lack any serious defects. They have ZEISS VIVID lenses, which are better than standard basic lenses in improving your vision on the slopes.

Giro Blok has a swappable lens and you change it when the weather changes to 180 but the technique is older and young people seem to have difficulty changing the lens.

The Blok's frame has vents around the lens, which allows for sufficient airflow and aeration without allowing in too much wind or sweat.

They come in under $100 which is reasonable and anyone can purchase them without any hesitation.

For those who prefer a retro style, the goggles provide a traditional appearance with an extended framework and flat lens.

You can easily wear these goggles in cloudy, partially cloudy, or sunny weather. Even when they do not achieve the maximum performance in every category, they do give an ordinary or somewhat above-average overall performance.

Inexpensive goggles frequently come with an exchange in terms of lower performance, but these goggles do not. They are an economical choice that I strongly recommend. They hit all of the necessary parameters when combined with outstanding on-snow performance and comfort.


  • It has a lens by Zeiss (Vivid lens Technology)

  • Triple-layer face foam and micro fleece facing

  • Easy in wearing for long or thick faces

  • Looks classic, and has low distortion.

  • Far objects and snowy areas can be seen easily


  • Compared to more modern designs, the lens-changing system is rudimentary and not as simple to use.

  • Only one lens is included

  • Goggles contain carcinogenic chemicals, cause birth defects, and harm the reproductive system.

Smith Range Ski Goggles $80.00

Smith Range Ski Goggles

Smith Range Ski Goggles


Everything about skiing is pricey, from the ski gear to the lift tickets, so we always appreciate finding a good deal, don’t we? This goggle has a big frame and complete edge visibility, reducing the tunnel effect in many cheap designs.

Additionally, it includes multi-layer foam padding for comfort and Smith's renowned anti-fog coating. The Range also has a delightfully conventional appearance, with a full frame surrounding the cylindrical lens shape.

They also have an excellent anti-fog coating on the inner lens to prevent moisture buildup from messing with your day. The Range has a simple appearance and isn't a stunning option in terms of aesthetics.

Sadly, you only receive one lens, so you can't switch between different color lenses depending on the weather conditions. Furthermore, you don't get Smith's ChromaPop lens technology; thus, the clarity and accuracy are significantly below as compared to the I/O Mag.

These aren't major sacrifices if you only go out a few times every year or schedule your trips around nice weather. But those who devote a great deal of time to the mountains, especially in bad weather, should go for another option.


  • Multi-layer padding for utmost comfort

  • Best Anti-fog coating

  • Good Value


  • It does not include a second lens

  • No chromapop technology

  • Not a very stylish option

Outdoor Master OTG ski goggles $29.99

Outdoor Master OTG ski goggles

Outdoor Master OTG ski goggles


These OTG ski goggles by the Outdoor Master are another amazing goggles for only 30$. If you are a beginner and just want to have a nice affordable pair of goggles to start your skiing experience, then these goggles would be an incredible choice.

These goggles are specially designed for prescription glasses, so they easily fit over glasses measuring less than 5'30" x 1'65". Furthermore, the Outdoor Master offers a wide range of VLT and tints for all sorts of weather conditions.

You must be careful while selecting VLT percentages and color ranges. Plus, do not forget to check out their guidelines regarding VLT ranges.

The lens also provides 100% UV400 protection to prevent your eyes from damage caused by the sun.

These OTG goggles feature a double-layer lens that insulates the difference in temperature between the inner and outer layers of the snow goggles better. Outdoor Master's innovative anti-fog coating instantly absorbs water vapor, allowing you can see all day.

On the other hand, it does not provide an interchangeable lens system, which is not appreciated and also kind of annoying because you will have to carry another pair of goggles in case of any change in weather. But in this price range, the Outdoor Master is offering you plenty of features that other brands might not offer. So, it is overall a good option.


  • Good visibility

  • Amazing value

  • Incredibly comfortable as well as stylish


  • Does not include a second lens

  • Poor Strap quality


Why choose $100 ski goggles?

If there are benefits associated with skiing, then related equipment must be valuable. You run the risk of being confused and making poor decisions if you purchase any anti-fog ski goggles before even reading our recommendations.

Purchasing goggles under $100 is worth it because the ski goggles, we have mentioned above have enough options and all other categories then why waste money buying any expensive ones? determining which provides the finest performance, comfort, simplicity of use, moisture reduction, and, of course, enjoyment element.

These goggles have plenty of colors and look so stylish and classic.

We will help you to take the correct decision.

Which one is the best ski goggle brand?

Smith, Oakley, Outdoor Master, and wild horn pro are a few of the most well-known and excellent ski goggles manufacturers.

All of them have effective features and the most up-to-date lens technology for enhanced clarity and anti-fog performance. To improve anti-fog effectiveness, they incorporate vents that match the helmets.

With the goggles from these firms, you can’t go wrong, they give you clear visibility and make you feel comfortable and fashionable. If someone has aesthetics concerns, then these goggles are perfect for you.

These goggles have interchangeable lenses

If the weather conditions are not good, you can easily change the lens depending upon the conditions, if you have an extra lens available. Every ski goggle has a different mechanism to change goggles, choose the eyewear which is easy to change.

In addition to the magnets, Wildhorn goggles contain two locks. Low-end Smith sunglasses and Oakley tear the lens out of the rubber seal.

Final thoughts

Goggles, like other ski equipment, can put you in a very challenging situation. Brands are always developing new technologies to improve on-snow performance, such as high-tech anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, lenses that instantly adjust to shifting light conditions, and goggle designs that provide the most comfortable fit and allow a broader field of view.

These innovations improve visibility on the slopes, but the problem is that these features usually come in higher price ranges. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the best ski goggles for under 100$ for you to choose from. Our recommendations will be incredibly helpful if you are on a budget, so you should give it a go.