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Organize Your Own Hike: A Perfect Outdoor Adventure

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Organize Your Own Hike: A Perfect Outdoor Adventure
One of the most fun, and frankly a tadbit different, thing you can do for your friends or family is to organize a hike for them. Even if they are not avid hikers, they will surely appreciate a 1-day hike with the people they love.

However, it is very important that you and everyone else are adequately prepared for the hike you are planning.

The first thing you need to think about is the ability of the people who you are inviting. Are they all on the same level? If not, then you need to set the level of difficulty so that everyone can make it. Remember: the most important thing is that everyone can enjoy the experience.

What do you need when going on a hike

As the organizer you have to make sure that everyone have everything they need with them on the hike.


You’ll want to make sure that everyone breaks in the footwear they will use for the hike in advance to avoid painful blisters etc. If anyone is planning to buy new footwear for the hike that means taking them out for a few spins before the hike.


Layering is an important aspect of dressing for a hike, dressing in layers will keep you warm in an effective way – dress like an onion as they say. To be ready for any weather bring more layers of clothing to add on if needed. Use a waterproof outer layer in case of rain.

Food & Water

Always bring food and water for at least 1 additional day more than you plan to hike, you never know if you might get stuck out on the trail for some reason. If you are planning to cook food make sure all cookware is brought along, and distributed among the participants for even load.

Hiking is a constant exercise which means you need to keep both your body energized and hydrated. For that reason it’s important that you drink and eat often, as well as rest if you feel tired.

A few items you’ll want on every hike

  • Water – make sure to bring enough water to stay hydrated
  • Food – you should eat more than normal to keep your energy level
  • First Aid Kit – bandaids, antiseptic, ace wrap, skin rash cream, soap etc.
  • Whistle – call attention to yourself in an emergency
  • Flashlight – super useful when it gets dark
  • Sun screen & hat – when hiking under the sun, sun screen & hat is a must
  • Map & compass – if you lose your trail a map can be very handy
  • Backpack – to carry all your hiking essentials.

Research the route you’re taking

Study the area where you are going to hike before to make sure you know the way and the surroundings well. One way to find great hiking trails is, just put your city in and have a look.

One part of staying safe is to inform local agencies, such as local hiking organizations, about your hike. Provide a list of all participants and when you are setting out and what time you should be expected to return. This way someone can quickly notice if you are delayed and investigate further.

We encourage you to find more information and tips from other sources to be as prepared as possible fro your hike. If you feel like we’ve missed something please feel free to comment below!

Hiking backpack

Everyone needs a good backpack when going for a hike. You can check out our article on how to choose a hiking backpack and of course our very own 50L hiking backpack.

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