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Outdoor Master Announces Team USA Long Jumper Norris Frederick As Brand Ambassador

Outdoor Master Announces Team USA Long Jumper Norris Frederick As Brand Ambassador
Outdoor Master Announces Team USA Long Jumper Norris Frederick As Brand Ambassador

Professional athletes have long relied on Outdoor Master for sporting gear and training assistance. Now the company has welcomed another high-profile athlete into its ranks by announcing a partnership with U.S. long jumper Norris Frederick.

The 35-year-old Frederick has represented the United States in multiple international competitions, most notably at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. His impressive career has resulted in him being named to the U.S. National Track and Field Team of the Year four times. In Norris' 2012 season, he became the Team USA Indoor Bronze Medalist in the Men's Long Jump. He was also ranked #3 in the World for the Indoor Men's Long Jump. That year, he became the 7th World Rank in the Men's Long Jump.

"Norris' great performance on the international stage helped us discover just how talented he is," said Leo and Ryan, founders of Outdoor Master. "We're thrilled that he decided to partner with us, and we hope that we can help him develop even more as a track and field athlete."

As a brand representative, Frederick will work closely with the company on a wide variety of projects. These will include using Outdoor Master products to help him with his outdoor sporting activities and training, as well as promoting the brand to various audiences through media appearances and social media.


Norris is the 11th professional athlete Outdoor Master has cooperated with so far. Other ambassadors include Lukas Mullauer, Paul Vieuxtemps, Benoit Buratti and seven others.

Norris Frederick

Outdoor Master and Norris will cooperate on promoting some of our signature products such as the Hawk HD Sport Sunglasses, the SHARK II Pump and MIPS Cycling Helmet. The Hawk HD Sport Sunglasses have polarized lenses which can block direct sunlight and reflections, protecting you from glares. They also include features such as an H.D. Visual Experience, memory frames, impact resistant and easy-to-change lenses. "If there's any advantage to performing at a better level, I'll take it, "says Norris about the Hawk HD Sport Sunglasses.

"The Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump has state-of-the-art engineering design with the speed and efficiency to inflate your SUP in just 5-10 mins, "said Frederick in a recent promotional video. He also praised the patented Shark cooling system that prevents your Shark II from overheating.

I'm excited to be working with Outdoor Master, and I think their products will help me achieve my goals as a track athlete, I hope that I can encourage others to try out their products as well. ----said Frederick.

Outdoor Master is a sports equipment company that takes pride in ensuring equitable and accessible access to outdoor sporting activities. The company's beginning stemmed from the belief that everyone deserved affordable access to the outdoors. We set out to create high-quality outdoor gear that didn't cost more than people expected. Two tech geeks with a lifelong passion for outdoor sports, Leo and Ryan, founded Outdoor Master in 2016.

To learn more about Outdoor Master and its products, visit their website or follow Norris Frederick on social media.

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