Paddleboard Safety 101: 5 Essential SUP Safety Tips

Paddleboard Safety 101: 5 Essential SUP Safety Tips
Paddleboard Safety is crucial yet doesn’t get enough attention as it rightfully deserves, whether from advance paddler or beginners.
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding has been widely regarded as one of the safest water sports, and it’s basically for everyone and all levels to enjoy this appealing water activity.
In this article, we are going to take a look at some essential paddle boarding safety practices that will ensure you a safe and fun SUP journey. We all must do our part to educate new stand-up paddlers on the proper paddling safety practices, especially when the popularity of SUP has exploded across the world.

Staying safe on the water is easy if you just follow these simple but essential practices, make your day on the water as fun and safe as you expect.


Paddleboard Safety Tip 1: Stand up Paddle Board Safety Requirements

Make sure you have all of the appropriate equipment in case of an emergency before you go paddle. From your PFD (personal flotation device), paddleboard life vestto the appropriate leash, they are the must-have gear to ensure youstand up paddle safely.

One thing that many may neglect is skin protection when they think of SUP safety. To protect your skin from overexposure to the sun's rays is extremely important. A hat, UPF 50+ rated swim shirt and waterproof sunscreen will help to prevent painful burns that can lead to serious problems down the road of SUPing.


Paddleboard Safety Tip 2: Check Weather and Local Conditions

Similar to having the correct equipment, you must check the weather beforehand to prevent getting caught in any potentially dangerous weather. Use your own common sense and don't risk yourself in Strong Winds, Offshore Winds, Strong Tides, and Poor Visibility environments, etc. If in doubt – simply don’t go out.

If you're new to the paddling area, talk to other local paddlers, surfers, kayakers or sailors, you’ll be amazed by the knowledge they can give, unexpected local conditions such as hidden dangers, tidal movement, wind direction, and so forth, are best to learn from the local paddlers, and they'd love to share!


Paddleboard Safety Tip 3: Check YourPhysical Condition

Just as important as having the right gear and suitable weather for SUP safety, it's after all putting yourself into the water, so be humble and honest with your body condition before you hit the water. Don't overestimate your physical ability whether you're a pro or a beginner, you're SUPing for fun, not for a competition.

Some may like to drink beer while doing water activities, we all know how good it feels to have icy cold beer on hot summer days, but it is more important to paddle soberly for safety reasons. You can still enjoy good drinks after getting back to shore.


Paddleboard Safety Tip 4: Paddle with a Mate 

It's always a better choice to hit the water in a group or at least with someone else. Accidents and injuries can and do happen, and when you're paddling with buddies, it's much safer and quicker to get help when something unexpected happens.

Plus, it's much more fun to create and share great moments on the water with a friend or multiple friends!


Paddleboard Safety Tip 5: Prepare Emergency Kits 

A few emergency tools would be of great value when you're in danger and alone. Prepare yourself a phone or GPS locator when you're lost on the water; a flashlight for various use including being invisible to other vessels around you, and signaling for help; or a whistle, preferably one that still works when it gets wet.

You will thank yourself for having these kits prepared when the unexpected does happen. Last but not least, try to keep calm when emergencies happen, being in panic would just make things worse and may put yourself in bigger danger. 

Last but not least, remember to bring a SUP repair kit with you, incase anything happen to your SUP board. Yes, your SUP board buddy needs safety assurance too! 

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