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Product Review: The Outdoor Master Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump

Product Review: The Outdoor Master Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump

Imagine this: You and your friends have planned an awesome paddle boarding trip through some mangroves, you arrive and you are all set to get in the water, but you have to pump up your paddle boards by hand. That can take forever! Not to mention, it’s a lot of work on the forearms and biceps.

What if you had a device that could do all the work for you, and you could stand and watch as your paddle board inflated all by itself? Sounds pretty cool, right. Introducing the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump (your new best friend for the summer).

Mini Yet Powerful: How Good is this iSUP Pump?

The Mini lives up to its name. Coming in at just 2.7 pounds with dimensions of (8.38 x 7.6 x 6.04 inches), this iSUP pump can be stored in the back of your car indefinitely. No more lugging around heavy and clunky equipment. Get the job done using this little beast of a pump. The Cachalot Mini is half the size of the regular Cachalot iSUP pump, but still packs enough power to inflate your boards. It’s the smallest iSUP on the market!

Pumping up your paddle boards has never been easier or more convenient! The Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump is for those who value efficiency and convenience. Its shape and size is perfect for any excursion, and its active cooling system allows users to consecutively pump up three paddle boards with ease. Its fast and powerful dual stage system ensures your paddle boards are pumped up fast and to the correct PSI. Its digital display with real-time pressure monitoring guarantees you get the exact PSI you want. Additionally, you can pre-set the PSI so the pump automatically shuts off when your paddle board reaches its desired PSI.

Using a hand pump to inflate your paddle boards can take up to 20 minutes (per board!). This iSUP pump is much faster. Featuring a 12V DC Car Connector, the Cachalot 2 Mini plugs right into your car to charge or pump up your paddle boards, so you can inflate them as soon as you unload them from your car. With 7 different gas nozzles, this pump can inflate just about any iSUP–or any inflatable– without difficulty.

“This pump is the revolution we’ve all been waiting for. Fast, relatively quiet, compact and no need to run your car while inflating. Of course it also gives you the opportunity to inflate anywhere. I’ve used the Shark pumps for four years and wouldn’t use anything but Outdoor Master as the support is outstanding should you need it. This pump though is a significant development as it’s rechargeable and faster to inflate than even the Shark. It inflates my Red Paddle 10’8 to 20 psi in 8 minutes. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

- Verified User 

While our Shark II is our best-selling iSUP pump, the Cachalot 2 Mini is the perfect alternative. It’s smaller and almost just as fast. With unbeatable performance and impressive design, you will be sure to turn a few heads at the dock while inflating your paddle boards (or other floatation devices). Gone are the days of pumping up your paddle boards by hand. The future is now! And the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump is sure to increase the time you can enjoy paddling on the water.

No Car? No Problem!

The Cachalot Mini actually does not need to be plugged in to get the job done. Its powerful 57.72Wh( 5200mAh) built-in battery will keep a charge as long as you need it to. Plus, this iSUP pump doubles as a mobile phone charger. If your phone is on low battery, simply plug it into the Cachalot Mini’s USB output port, which delivers a maximum power output of 5V 2A.

Unlike the Shark II, which needs to be plugged in to pump up your paddle boards, the Cachalot Mini does not. Just make sure you’ve got enough juice before taking your paddle boarding trip!


Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you believe this summer! Paddle boarding is one of America’s fastest growing activities, and it’s a great way to engage with nature. Don’t let anything get in your way. Start with the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump.