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Product Review: The Outdoor Master Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles

Product Review: The Outdoor Master Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster Falcon Goggles with ZEISS lens

As the official goggle and helmet sponsor of the US Ski Team, you can bet your bottom dollar we know a thing or two about good goggles. Today, we are zooming in on the Outdoor Master Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles, and boy are they good.

Heading to the slopes this year and need a new pair of goggles? You’ve come to the right place. If you are like most people, you want a good pair of goggles without busting the bank, right? That’s where we come in. Outdoor Master is a premium outdoor company and it is our goal to equip outdoor enthusiasts with only the best. That said, we know people don’t want to have to get a second mortgage just so they can afford to ski and snowboard. That’s why we came up with a solution.

The Outdoor Master Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles just might be our best ones yet. Now is the time to save money on a pair of goggles that even the professionals love. Above all else, the Falcon Ski Goggles are designed for comfort, ease of use, and with quality lenses by ZEISS. Ready to shred? We know you are.

Comfortable Goggles With Unreal Quality

Not all goggles are made equally. And such is the case when it comes to the OM Falcon Ski Goggles.

Some say comfort is more important than quality, while others say the opposite. Why not have both? The Falcon goggles are designed for ultimate comfort. In fact, they were made specifically so those who need to wear their eyeglasses on the slopes can fit them comfortably inside a pair of Falcon Ski Goggles. The goggles are soft in all the right places and tight in all the right places, too.

Quality Lenses From ZEISS

Outdoor Master has partnered up with ZEISS to make these amazing goggles happen. ZEISS has long been known in the ski realm as one of the best ski goggles manufacturers in the game.

“The ZEISS Group is one of the world’s leading technology companies. It has a balanced portfolio that is geared toward attractive future-oriented markets in optics, precision mechanics, and optoelectronics. For more than 175 years, the Company has been shaping technological progress, advancing the world of optics with solutions from its four segments and meeting its customers' needs.”

Outdoor Master and ZEISS have worked together to make a lens that makes skiing and snowboarding more enjoyable and safe. In fact, these frameless lenses increase one’s visual contrast so they identify unevenness and obstacles in the snow. With a wide range of VLT options, these goggles are revolutionizing the game of ski optics.

Anti-Fog Technology

What is more annoying than not having a pair of solid ski goggles? Goggles that fog up all the time!

The Outdoor Master Falcon Ski Goggles will NOT be fogging up this season (Are you fogging kidding me?!) That’s right, these goggles feature a dual-layer lens with anti-fog technology. We call it our VS Treatment (vaporshield). Paired with our triple-layered foam to reduce airflow inside the goggles, you’ll be seeing clearly ALL DAY!

Priced to Save

Not only are these goggles insanely comfortable and well-suited for high-level athletes, they are surprisingly well-priced. Base model OM Falcon Ski Goggles are $99.99, and quickly gaining popularity.

To put that in perspective, other goggles on the market (that are similar in quality) go for upwards of $200. If you want a quality pair of goggles without having to sell your kidney, grab yourself a pair of these awesome Falcons.

Stylish and Versatile

Think it can’t get any better? Well, it can.

The Outdoor Master Falcon Ski Goggles are super stylish and super versatile. These frameless goggles are sure to get a few second looks on the slopes. Whether you think the strap goes on the inside or the outside of the helmet won’t matter because you’ll look good in these regardless.

What do I mean by versatile? Think of the Falcon Ski Goggles as the ultimate goggles for any time or place. With ZEISS lenses that are detachable, you can swap lenses depending on the weather on the mountain thanks to the MagKlick Magnetic Lens Change System. If it is a cloudy day, you can swap to a pair of lenses with a high VLT %. Conversely, if it’s super-duper bright, you can swap to a lens with a low VLT % to protect your precious pupils.



Outdoor Master & ZEISS 


Frameless OTG (over the glasses) 

Strap and Goggle Shape

PU frame and strap to fit any size helmet.

What is included?


Additional Materials

Goggle pouch and hard goggle box.

What is VLT?


VLT stands for ‘visible light transmission’ and it is very important when it comes to purchasing goggles. Many goggles do not have the interchangeable lens that the OM Falcon has, which makes choosing a pair of goggles even more important.

Luckily, the OM Falcon Ski Goggle can come with many different lenses. Those who like to go night skiing/snowboarding will need a near-clear lens (VLT 91%). Conversely, those who find themselves skiing on bright mountains where the sunlight bounces right off of the snow and into their eyes should be wearing a lens that protects the eyes (VLT 12%).

Here is an in-depth chart you should look at before you buy a pair of goggles:

Falcon Ski Goggles With E-Quick Hue

Don’t want to worry about changing your lenses every day? We’ve thought of that, too.

Introducing the OM Falcon Ski Goggles, featuring our first-ever photochromic lenses. These lenses will dim and lighten on their own. If you are on a bright area of the mountain, the goggles will automatically adjust themselves so you can see better. The same goes for more cloudy areas of the mountain.

With a transition between a VLT of 17% and 63% you won’t need to change your lenses ever again! While these goggles are slightly more expensive than the base model, you won’t find another pair of goggles on the market like these.

Why Are Good Goggles Worth It?

Buying a good pair of goggles is worth it, trust us. Goggles, like helmets, are an essential piece of equipment that every skier and snowboarder needs when hitting the slopes. Goggles keep our eyes safe and make sure we can see all those little ski school kids going down the mountain in slow motion.

Going cheap on goggles is not the move. You’ll thank yourself later for getting a good pair over one that was super cheap. Skiing and snowboarding are already difficult, don’t make it even harder for yourself. Buying a good pair of goggles, like the OM Falcons, will ensure your eyes stay safe, and you’ll never have to worry about your goggles fogging up or looking like a noob.

These goggles would look spectacular with our ELK MIPS helmet!

Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team

“Although the brand is young, we have become an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team with our innovation and reliable quality. By sponsoring USCSA (US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association), we also support young people to inspire their potential.”

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