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CRR Teams
CRR Teams

AleRace Report

Race #2 SCICL

Location Anne Springs Close Greenway, Fort Mill, SC 9/25/2022

Catawba Ridge Rider Teams:

  • Fort Mill HS (FMHS)

  • Catawba Ridge HS (CRHS)

  • York County Composite (YCC)

Race Report:

All three CRR Teams held practice at ASCG Race Course for 2 weeks prior.  Conditions were dry and dusty due to lack of rain.  Tire pressure and bike handling became paramount, as the course was slippery at race speed.  The entire team was very excited to race, and host, the event. 

No serious injuries and great fun by all participants. Temperatures were lower and more comfortable than the first race weekend.  A total of 240 riders showed up. 

Alexandra C

Alexandra C.

Photo by John Cardozo

Outdoor Master sponsored Rider Alexandra Cardozo ran the Outdoor Master GEM bike helmet for the first time.  Alexandra enjoyed the exceptional ventilation of the helmet. This kept her cool in this 4 lap race that runs over an hour in length.  The highly adjustable fitment system,  and MIPs safety system,  were both minimum helmet requirements for Alexandra.  




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Alexandra raced her competitor thoughtfully.  She followed her closely the first two laps and then made her move.  This being a home course, Bea had a tough time matching Alexandra’s speed.  Allie won by a good margin. This is her second win of the season against Bea Galbreath from Greenville, SC.  Bea is a top ranked junior road rider in the U.S..

The girls on the team dominated their classes, including Varsity Class Women.  It would have been a sweep of most all classes, but one of the girls was out due to injury.

boy cycling

The boys classes also did exceptionally well. The new Advanced Middle School class, which does 2 laps instead of 1, had some exciting racing.  Carter M. had a crash early on. He rebounded quickly and was edged out of a position by his younger brother Jackson. 

Varsity Boys, Ethan, Ben and Jaden swept the Varsity Boys Podium!

Race Report

Race Rider Place Team
6th Grade Boys Zach M.  5th  FMHS
6th Grade Girls Willow A. 1st  FMHS
7th Grade Boys Beckett H.  1st  FMHS
7th Grade Girls Lauren M. 1st YCC
8th Grade Boys no riders
8th Grade Girls Brennan C. 1st FMHS
Advanced MS Boys Jackson M. 3rd CRHS
Carter M. 5th CRHS
Beckett  R. 6th YCC
George H. 8th YCC
9th Grade Boys Peter E. 2nd FMHS
Will M. 5th FMHS
9th Grade Girls Bella C. 1st CRHS
Riley G. 5th FMHS
10th Grade Boys no riders
10th Grade Girls Miranda L. 1st CRHS
Junior Varsity Boys  Remington C. 5th FMHS
Wyatt S. 7th FMHS
Cannon H.  14th FMHS
Conner D. 16th YCC
Junior Varsity Girls Sierra I. 6th CRHS
Varsity Boys Ethan B. 1st YCC
Ben M. 2nd YCC
Jaden G. 3rd YCC
Varsity Girls Alexandra C. 1st CRHS

Team Sponsors include:

  • Outdoor Master

  • Insure Insurance

  • American Fence

  • Continental Tire Co.

The Champions

Ethan B.

Ethan B.

Photo by John Cardozo

Bella C.

Bella C.

Photo by John Cardozo

Brennan C.

Brennan C.

Photo by John Cardozo

Willow A.

Willow A.

Photo by John Cardozo

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