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Testing the All-New Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard

Testing the All-New Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard


TL;DR – The Outdoor Master Caribou is a one-of-a-kind electric skateboard that is fast, stable, and competitive with the best brands in the business. With top speeds of over 40 kph, riders will certainly want to wear a helmet while using this skateboard.

I absolutely love snowboarding, but I live in sunny Florida. While I wish the snowboarding season lasted year-round, it just doesn’t. That leaves me with the next best thing, skateboarding! I’ve been riding skateboards and longboards since I was just a wee boy, which is why I was stoked to find out that Outdoor Master makes an electric skateboard with tons of awesome features.

This was actually my very first time riding an electric skateboard. I thought it would be similar to a typical longboard, but I was wrong. Very much so. Electric skateboards allow the users to do all of the riding without any of the tedious pushing. While it can be incredibly fun, it can also be dangerous (more on that later).

Caribou Technology

Before I describe what it is like to ride this beast, let’s cover the innovative technology that went into creating this awesome skateboard.


The Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard-Caribou features a two-layer deck consisting of multiple layers of bamboo and fiberglass. This makes the deck of the board stiff and durable without feeling rock solid. It also helps counteract the weight of the battery by making the board easier to carry. The board’s 9.25-inch trucks and 96*56mm wheels give riders the clearance they need to go over bumps, rocks, and cracks in the road. Additionally, the trucks and deck have a max payload of 330 pounds. Lastly, the Caribou comes with a user-friendly remote to manage the speed of the board while riding.

Baterry & Range

Like I said before, the Caribou battery is quite heavy. While it makes carrying the board more difficult, it is unnoticeable while actually riding the thing. The Caribou features a Samsung-made battery that gives users a range of 26 miles! That’s right you can easily take this board to your local coffee shop and back without running out of juice. Personally, I’ve owned the Caribou for over two months now, and I have only charged it once. It’s amazing.


Arguably the most important element of an electric skateboard, the Caribou’s speed is not something to overlook. With a max speed of 48 kph, this skateboard is incredibly fast. With three settings on the remote to manage the speed, advanced users can shoft through the gears as they would on a car. Gear 1 is the slowest, gear 2 is the medium speed, and gear 3 is the maximum. I recommend users get comfortable on gears 1 and 2 before going all out on 3.

The Riding Experience


Riding the Outdoor Master Caribou was like nothing I have ever done in my life. It was fun, fast, and thrilling. I was able to take it on the sidewalk and even on the street with cars. The first thing I noticed is that the Caribou is very fast and that it takes some practice to get used to using the remote to propel the board forward. The second thing I had to get used to was bending my knees while starting to go. The Caribou is so fast that it sometimes wants to go without you; however, if you stay low and stable you should be fine.

The board is fast and maneuverable. While the trucks were a little tight at first, I got used to really leaning into my turns to take the board where I needed it to go. The Caribou is just long enough and wide enough to feel fully secure while riding. Additionally, the board comes with a brake system, which allows for easy emergency stops at any moment.

Once I got a feel for the board, I could truly test its speed. On a long, flat, and narrow road, I hit the Caribou’s top speed of 48 kph. Was it fun? You bet! But it was also surprisingly scary. At the time, I was not wearing any protective gear. That was a big mistake. At over 40 kph, a fall could easily result in road rash, broken bones, or a major head injury. From that point on, if I was planning on taking the board to its maximum speed, I at least wore jeans and a helmet.

Protective Gear is Highly Recommended!

If you are thinking of buying this for yourself or for a loved one, I highly recommend getting some protective gear to go along with it.


Outdoor Master is renowned for their skiing, biking, and skateboarding helmets. I own a few of them myself and can personally attest to their high quality! Scrapes can heal on their own and bones can be put back into place, but a brain can never be restored if broken. Wearing a helmet is your #1 go-to item for avoiding head injuries such as concussions and skull fractures. As someone who has banged my head on the pavement more than once, please, please, please, wear a helmet while riding the Caribou.

Other Protective Gear

Besides helmets, Outdoor Master makes gear that is sure to protect you, your kids, or your friends. Kids that ride the Caribou should wear our protective pads which come with elbow pads, knee pads, and (my favorite) wrist guards. Nothing hurts more than a nasty scrape!

Adults, the OM Sport Sunglasses are an easy way of keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting them from unwanted projectiles such as rocks or bugs. Plus, you’ll look super cool.


The Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard - Caribou is a great way to have fun while getting around town. Whether you are a kid or an adult, this electric skateboard is sure to put a smile on your face. Remember, while having fun is important, staying safe is even more so. Wear helmets and other protective gear!