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Our impact on the environment is concerning, especially as snow sports enthusiasts. If you've spent any time in the mountains during the winter over the last few years, you would have seen a frightening change in snow levels. So, we need to reduce our environmental impact, so our mountains continue to be covered in snow.

When you factor in travel, ski lifts, resort services, and energy usage, skiing and snowboarding are not the most environmentally friendly things to do. However, there are several ways we can reduce our environmental impact, starting with the gear we buy.

Eco-friendly snow goggles may not be the first thing you think of when being kinder to the planet, but Outdoor Master has come up with some ingenious ways to create high-performing eco-friendly ski goggles.

Why Are Ski Goggles Bad For The Environment?

Of course, wearing ski goggles doesn't have a negative effect on the environment, but it's what happens to them before and after you've used them that counts.

Manufacturing is a dirty business, and the process is even less eco-friendly when you're making something like ski goggles that uses plastics.

Ski goggle frames and lenses are generally made from plastic products made with oil. So, if manufacturers used other materials and methods for producing their ski goggles, the manufacturing process would be cleaner.

What happens to your ski goggles or even just the lens at the end of its useful life?

Most ski goggles are made from non recyclable materials. Therefore, people just throw them away to end up at landfill sites. This means they sit there for years, slowly breaking down, introducing more toxic substances into the ground and water supplies.

How Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly Snow Goggles Are Kinder To The Environment

Green Lens

eco-friendly ski goggles

Outdoor Master manufactures eco-friendly ski goggle lenses with sustainable materials. They are actually made from cotton extracts, which makes the lens biodegradable. Therefore, when you throw the lens away, it has a minimal environmental impact.

Even though the lens is biodegradable, they still last a long time and perform exceptionally well in all lighting and weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Straps

eco friendly ski goggles

The goggle strap is a component that is often forgotten about. Traditional ski goggles use elastic straps with silicone grips to keep them secure. But these are not sustainable materials, so Outdoor Master uses straps made from bamboo extracts.

The yarn is made from bamboo fibers arranged to give the same stretchiness as traditional elastic straps. The silicone grips on the inside of the strap are made from natural rubber, which is more eco-friendly while doing the same job.

Robust Frames

Although the frames are made from traditional materials, Outdoor Master has designed them to last. With the magnetic interchangeable lens system, you can easily replace the lens when you need to.

Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly Snow Goggles In Detail

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Pro Plus Series - Limited Edition

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Lens Eco-Friendly Tech

The eco-friendly ski goggles use a dual-layered lens and are made from TAC (Triacetyl Cellulose). 95% of this cellulose-based plastic is made from cotton extract. The benefits include lighter weight and a faster biodegradable rate than plastics used in traditional ski goggles.

The inner lens is made from a material called CAP (cellulose acetate propionate). This is also made from cotton extracts and is a thermoplastic cellulose ester. CAP absorbs water for excellent anti-fogging, has high transparency, and is bio-degradable.

Ultimate Protection

Just because these goggles are kinder to the environment doesn't mean their performance is compromised. The lens blocks 100% UV light, protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

The surface of the lens is covered by an impact-resistant layer. This also makes the lens resistant to scratches, extending its lifespan.

Polarized Lens

The Pro lens used on the Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly Goggles uses Exclusive Polarized Technology. This technology provides a clearer view, reduced glare, and enhanced natural color and contrast. Therefore, your experience on the slopes is maximized, as you can pick out the finest details and see the world in high-definition.

Magnetic/Interchangeable Lens

Magnetic/Interchangeable Lens

The eco-friendly lens is held onto the frame by a magnetic system. This allows you to change the lens to suit the lighting conditions within seconds. Being able to do this is kinder to the environment and your wallet, so you don't need to buy more than one pair of ski goggles.

Strap Design

eco-friendly ski goggles strap design

We've already talked about the sustainable materials used in the manufacture of the strap, but it's worth mentioning the unique design too.

The graphics on the "Disappearing Places Strap" is a reminder of the areas that could become submerged due to global warming. This is especially concerning to skiers and snowboarders, as the mountain playgrounds may become unusable.

How The Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly Ski Goggles Stay Fog-Free

anti-fog ski goggles lens technology

The Outdoor Master eco-friendly goggles use an anti-fog coating that has been developed in-house. The lens is surrounded by three layers of microfiber foam to prevent water vapor from landing on the lens while maximizing airflow.

All this makes these goggles exceed the European EN-174 requirement by 3 times, giving you clear vision even on the wettest days on the mountain.

Fit And Helmet Compatibility

It's vital that your goggles don't interfere with your helmet's fit and vice versa. Therefore, the Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly Goggles are designed to be worn with most ski and snowboard helmets. This means that you get optimum comfort and performance.


What kind of plastic are ski goggle lenses made of?

Most ski goggles lenses are not made from glass but polycarbonate. This is due to its anti-shattering properties. However, The Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly snow goggles give you the same benefit using the environmentally friendly alternatives CAP and TAC.

What type of foam is used on ski goggles?

Ski goggle frames are fitted with polyurethane foam to make them more comfortable, fit your face, and prevent fogging. Outdoor Master Eco-Friendly snow goggles use three layers of foam to maximize the benefits.

How long do ski goggles last?

Typically, ski goggles last five to eight years, but this depends on how much you use them and how well you look after them. You can extend the life of your ski goggles by keeping them in a case or bag. Also, ski goggles last much longer when you only use the appropriate cleaning cloth and minimize contact with the inside of the lens.

However, you can change the lens when it gets damaged at any time. Therefore, your snow goggles' lifespan depends on how long the foam lasts.

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