Color Enhancing Sunglasses

Hawk HD Enhance
Clear Lens VLT 99% Included
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance
Hawk HD Enhance

Hawk HD Enhance

Clear Lens VLT 99% Included
$39.99 $89.99
Save 55%
Ship Time: Ship from 9. Oct
Ship from 9. Oct
Colour: Sapphire / VLT 21% + Bonus Clear Lens
Sapphire / VLT 21% + Bonus Clear Lens
Gold / VLT 19% + Bonus Clear Lens


Color-Enhancing Bronze Lens

After an in-depth study of the riding scenario and its optical characteristics, we selected this bronze lens, which is highly efficient in filtering distracting colors on riding and cycling scenes (mountain, road, etc.) for a clearer visual color effect.
color enhancing sunglasses

HD Visual Experience

By studying the structure of the human visual system and calculating the optical refraction accurately, we developed the first HD lens that offers a clearer view and effectively reduces the visual fatigue caused by distortion.
HD cycling lenses

Memory frames

Frames made with TR90 are extremely light and durable, making the frames resilient to damage. Shape memory materials will help the frame reinstate back to its original shape simply.
revo coating sunglasses

Impact Resistant Lenses

After rigorous testing the lense can resistance to the high speed impact and keep from the damage at some unforeseen condition.
HD cycling lenses

Easy-to-change Lenses

We all love the interchangeable system of our ski goggles, and the light condition when cycling changes as well. Simply swap into a pair of clear lens and ride on!
interchangeable lens

100% UV400 Protection

Our sunglasses lens effectively blocks the harmful UV400nm rays, offering a safe and smooth ride.
uv protection sunglasses

What's Included

All that you need, we've got it covered!
1 x sunglasses, 1 x clear replacement lens,
1 x microfiber pouch (works also as the cleaning cloth), 1 x shell case.
What's included