frameless ski goggles
frameless ski goggles
ski goggles frameless
ski goggles frameless
UPGRADED SKI GOGGLES PRO PLUS - with UltraLens - Color-Optimization Technology OutdoorMaster frameless snowboard goggles
UPGRADED SKI GOGGLES PRO PLUS - with UltraLens - Color-Optimization Technology OutdoorMaster
frameless snowboard goggles
frameless snowboard goggles
frameless snowboard goggles
frameless goggles
frameless goggles

PRO PLUS Snow Goggles

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Save 49%
Black Frame Color Optim. Silver REVO Lens VLT 13.3%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Gold REVO Lens VLT 13%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Sapphire REVO Lens VLT 22%
Black Frame Color Optim. Orange Lens VLT 29%
White Frame Color Optim. Pink REVO Lens VLT 22%
White Frame Color Optim. Red REVO LensVLT 25%

Frameless design with Color-Optimization Technology



Frameless Snow Goggles with Color-Optimization Technology

Pro Plus frameless snowboard goggles feature with Color-Optimization Technology that provides high-definition optics by filtering part of the blue light, thus boosting the contrast and significantly improving color brightness. It has been proven to highlight irregularities efficiently with superior visibility, which helps to quickly recognize and steer away from bumps, crevasses, and other hidden dangers.
color-optimization technology

Super H.D. Technology

Luminous Refractive Pressed lens offers exceptional clarity with excellent contrast enhancement. It vastly reduces the refraction, which allows the focus to fall precisely on the retina. This innovative feature would let you quickly see everything crystal clean with less eye strain.
super HD technology

3x More Effective Anti-fog Coating

In-house Designed ULTRA ANTI-FOG COATING can bring you an advanced 3x fog-free performance. Triple-layered microfiber foam design can maximize the venting to ensure a fog-free experience.
in-house designed ultra anti-fog coating

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens

With the quick-release magnetic frameless snow goggles design, you could change out lenses efficiently at a fraction of the time of alternatively mounted options.
the magnetic interchangeable lens system

100% UV400 Protection

100% UV400 protection prevents harmful rays from directly contacting your cornea. This has proven to provide athletes with a stress-free riding experience by allowing them to focus more on the trail than avoiding the sun!
Impact-Resistant Components, and Anti-Scratching Lenses, allow for a more flexible and valuable set of goggles to deal with any impact.
UV400 protection

Easy Fit & Integration

The adjustable straps contain anti-slip silicone and are designed to be compatible with most helmets on the market for maximum comfort.
They are conscientiously designed with weight, aesthetics, and overall aerodynamics to offer the best ratio in performance to dollar goggles on the market.
easy fit & integration compatible with ski helmet

Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team

Although the brand is young, we have become an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team with our innovation and reliable quality. By sponsoring USCSA (U.S. Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association), we also support young people to inspire their potential.
official supplier to the U.S. ski team

Choice of Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes have been impressed with the quality and technology of Outdoor Master products and have chosen to become ambassadors for our brand. We also constantly improve and upgrade our products through feedback from our athletes in training and competition.
atheletes approved snowboard and ski goggles

What's Included

1 x Outdoor Master Ski Goggles PRO PLUS
1 x Protective Case
1 x Carrying Pouch
what's in the box

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Decent value but only if you have a wide, flat face.

If you have a normal face, these don't fit well as I believe they were designed with Asian faces in mind. It just doesn't fit right around the nose so you are constantly having to adjust them on your face. These would be great if they redesigned the nose area. The bummer is I bought a pair and then bought 4 extra lenses in various colors so I've invested a lot in poorly fitting goggles.

Mike H
Pro Plus Review

Experienced sun, clouds and powder in 3 fabulous days in Colorado. Couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Great visibility in all conditions. Crisp, clear vision over my glasses with no fogging. Definitely would purchase again!

Jamin Selman
Maybe their good, I wouldn’t know I didn’t get mine!

I ordered these goggles about three weeks ago, after a week the tracking tells me there here. When I pick up the package I can tell something’s wrong, once I open it I come to find that it’s just a case! So I call customer support right? The whole experience was as comfortable as a ski poll up by rear. The guy tells me that there is a second package, and they are sending emails to track it. After I tell him that I have received nothing via email he gets pissed off and tells me that it is my fault. After a couple of rounds of me telling him that there is nothing in my inbox and him responding with it’s your problem and doesn’t try to resend them, he gets so angry that he just yells “I’m canceling the order” and proceeds to hang up on me! The best part of this dumpster fire of a conversation is that in the thirty seconds after he hung up on me I got a email from them letting me know that they canceled it! If he had tried to resend the shipping tracker it would have WORKED! It was his problem and he treated me like a criminal as if I was trying to scam him when all I asked was for him to resend the email! 0/10 satisfaction, 0/10 customer service! DO NOT BUY! Outdoor masters GET IT TOGETHER!


Well worth every penny. I highly recommend these goggles. You can also swap out different lenses by magnetic. Around 20 different lenses to choose from.

Matthew D.
45days of skiing last year, UNREAL

I’ve had 300 dollar Smith, Oakley goggles and so on prior. These are a superior product by far. The magnet is unreal, very strong. It is simple to remove and change lenses. The price of new lenses is unbeatable. The quality of lenses is also great, NO FOGGING ISSUES WITH 45DAYS ON MOUNTAIN LAST YEAR IN COLORADO.