Seagull Foldable Snow Goggles

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BLB-Vlt 10% Silver
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WTP-Vlt 46% Pink
BLG-Vlt 99% Clear
BLB-Vlt 15% Revo Blue
BLB-Vlt 18% Revo Green
BLG-Vlt 75% Polarized Yellow

Foldable, OVP, Light Weight

  • Foldable Design
  • Optimal Visual Perception
  • Weighing In At Only 80g
  • Say Goodbye To Foggy Lenses



Foldable Design

Convenience meets innovation with our foldable design snow goggles. These goggles easily fit into your parka pocket, fanny pack, pants pocket, or even your airblaster leg bags. When folded, they're smaller than your smartphone, ensuring you can take them wherever your adventure leads, hassle-free.
Lens Swap in Seconds

OVP Lens (Optimal Visual Perception)

Embark on a visual journey like never before with our precision-engineered lenses. Crafted using molds typically reserved for spacecraft manufacturing, these lenses offer a level of smoothness and clarity that surpasses most ski goggles on the market. Immerse yourself in high-definition views of the snow-covered terrain, and see the mountain in a whole new light.
polarized ski goggles

Extremely Light Weight

Weighing in at only 80g, our snow goggles redefine comfort on the slopes. The advanced dual-layer lens technology not only achieves extreme lightweight construction but also guarantees uncompromising quality and visual excellence. Enjoy hours of skiing without the discomfort of heavy eyewear.

VS Treatment(VaporShield) Coating

Say goodbye to foggy lenses with our innovative solution. Our goggles feature an interior layer of plant-extracted CAP material that acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture from within the goggles. This permanent anti-fog coating eliminates the need for additional anti-fog solutions, so you can focus on conquering the mountain without any hindrances.
Official Supplier to the US Ski Team

Customer Reviews

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ava lessig

AMAZING! so comfortable and it’s adjustable. Love the color. got so many compliments

Great looking Goggles

I used this in my last snowboarding trip and it was terrific. NO issues. For the price, of fifteen dollars I don't think its that bad. Did I mention its stylish looking. I would recommend you give it a shot if you like how it looks. Comes with a nice case as well.

Foldable Ski Goggles for Convenience

These OutdoorMaster Seagull ski goggles are a game-changer for winter sports enthusiasts. The foldable design and anti-fog, UV protection features make them not just good; they're a practical and stylish choice for snowy adventures. The versatility and comfort they offer elevate the skiing experience. A must-have for every snow sports enthusiast.

The Gamers
Bang for buck a great pair of snow goggles but the hinge design and foam quality dont last.

It's a hard review as for sub $20 dollars a pair of snow goggles and a decent clamshell case is an amazing deal but it has issues and have been relegated to snow blowing goggles in leau of a better pair.Overall they are initially great but having used them a handful of times the foam is too lightweight and is already showing signs of compression and deterioration after about 10 uses. The hinge itself too is tiny and plastic and while it hasn't broken yet is one cold day away from snapping and the whole goggle is now useless. I'll update this review if something happens but I'm hard pressed to see these last one winter season under moderate use.Though once again if you need a sub $20 dollar pair of goggles quickly these will work well with the bonus of a decent clam shell case. Honestly it'd be 3 stars if these weren't priced so well.


Superbes lunettes! Look et solidité au top