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5 Things To Look For When Choosing Swimming Googles

5 Things To Look For When Choosing Swimming Googles

Maybe you’ve had the unfortunate experience of using a pair of terrible swim goggles. They leak. Theyre uncomfortable. They fog up. You spend so much of your time adjusting and readjusting that theres no way you can enjoy what you actually hit the water to do.

Part of the problem is that it’s not actually that easy to find the perfect pair of goggles. The wide variety of options on the market can be overwhelming, so that youre left wondering how long youll have to search before finding the right balance of comfort and function.

We’re here to unravel the overly complicated process of finding the right swim goggles so that you can focus on jumping in and having fun. By following these simple steps, youll find your perfect pair in no time!

1. Look for goggles that can fit a variety of different people.

This might run counter to what you would expect. After all, isn’t it better to have goggles that have been specially designed to fit just men or just women or just children?

Well, we say this because when goggles have been designed for a range of different sizes, easy fine-tuned adjustments are going to be a key feature of the goggles.

Consider, for instance, the OutdoorMaster Wide View Swim Goggles. Since these goggles are designed for men, women, and children, they come with an easy adjustment clasp as well as interchangeable nose bridges. With all of these adjustment options, you can be confident that, after a little bit of tinkering, the goggles will fit you perfectly. And when your goggles fit well, you’ll not only be comfortable, but you’ll lower your chance of an irritating leak problem.

2. Lens-shape is key.

Goggles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be confusing for a consumer. Do you go for the one-piece? Can you really trust the wide view claim? How much of a distraction is the outer casing, really?

Well, the last thing you want during your swim, dive, or scuba session is to have your peripheral vision straining because you didn’t choose the right lens.

So, for the best view, always go with the goggle that emphasizes a wide-set lens. In fact, if you’re spending some serious time under the water, you might even opt for something like the OutdoorMaster 180° Snorkel Mask, which provides completely uninhibited vision.

3. Don’t buy a lens that won’t protect your eyes.

You may not think too much about UV exposure since you’ll be under the water, but the threat of sun damage is actually quite high. Not only can UV rays penetrate through the water, but you’ll also be exposed to sun damage through reflection. Plus, the glare of sunlight on the water’s surface can be seriously painful, and dangerous, to your eyes. And because our eyes are only protected by a thin layer of skin, it’s extremely important to find a pair of goggles that will actually provide UV protection.

Look specifically for goggles that say 100% UV protection, like the OutdoorMaster Wide View One-Piece Swim Mask. Without that guarantee of 100% protection, you can assume that you’re not going to be adequately protected from the sun.

4. Anti-fog technology: it’s not a myth.

If you spent time and effort finding a comfortable fit, UV protection, and the best view possible, it would be quite a disappointment to find that all you can see under the water is fog.

Vendors who don’t offer anti-fog technology often claim that such technology doesn’t actually work or will wear out with time. These goggles are often cheaper because the manufacturer spent less money on materials, and the seller may even offer some alternative solutions such as anti-fog spray or DIY methods like rubbing your goggles with baby shampoo or even spitting in them. But, if you’re going to spend money on a pair of goggles, why would you want to spend more money on something like an anti-fog spray or shaving cream?

Even if anti-fog goggles are a bit more expensive, it’s a much better option in the long-run to make the investment instead of having to think about whether you packed the ridiculous additional treatments (who wants to carry a canister of shaving cream with them all the time?) Do yourself the favor of buying a pair of goggles with anti-fog technology built in.

5. Finally, read the reviews.

Usually, people only review things when they don’t work, so if you can find a product with overwhelmingly positive reviews, you should take that as a good sign.

Pay special attention to reviews that mention all of the categories we’ve discussed so far, as well as durability and easy communication with customer service.

To sum it all up…

You’re looking for a pair of swim goggles that check the following boxes:

  • Versatility in terms of sizing and adjusting
  • A wide or panoramic lens that will allow you to see the most underwater
  • No less than 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Stellar reviews

You’ll be glad you did the little extra research so that you could walk away with a great pair of swim goggles.

Happy searching and happy swimming!

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