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OutdoorWeek 2018 California Road Trip Recap

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OutdoorWeek 2018 California Road Trip Recap
We started 2018 off with a bang – and a lot of bangers. Road trippin’ around California with a fantastic crew made for an unbeatable start of 2018. Check out the full crew at the end of the article.

January 8th – Meet-up and drive to Mammoth

We set out from Los Angeles on Monday for the long drive to Mammoth Ski Resorts and our main stop of the road trip – the powder of Mammoth Mountain.

After a late start and incredibly thick fog among the mountains – which forced a painfully slow speed – we finally arrived late Monday.

January 9th – 1st day on Mammoth

Bad conditions made for a mediocre first day, but we made the most of it – we got some laps in, some photos, some video – an okay warm-up.

Emanuel, Guilia, Chris, Dalon, Ethan, Natalie, Nick, Brendon, Eric

Hoping for a better day tomorrow we returned to our RVs for some rest.

January 10th – 2nd day on Mammoth & drive towards Lodi

Second day, and oh did Mammoth deliver…

Fantastic weather, good snow – we couldn’t have asked for more.

Jonny, Nick, Guilia

Park, chill riding and hiking higher from the chairs to fresher snow made for an awesome experience and lots of great content!

The next morning – after this fantastic second day on Mammoth – we had skydiving in Lodi on the menu, which meant getting back on the road directly after lift closing.

January 11th – Skydiving in Lodi & drive to Yosemite

With a half-way camp stop we made it to Lodi Thursday morning – ready and excited to get up in the air.

The squad got many jumps in and we were lucky enough to have a dedicated filmer for each of them on the jumps, which made for some really cool videos.

Jonny, Natalie, Brendon, Guilia, Nick

The change of plans

Our original plan was to drive further west to Santa Cruz for surfing and then onwards to Ben Sur to hike.

We decided to change the original plan and set our aim on Yosemite instead.

Arriving in the late at Yosemite, without any cell reception, made for a magical starlit night.

January 12th – Yosemite National Park

It didn’t take long until we were very happy with the decision to go for Yosemite.

Natalie, Ethan on the RV

Such a breathtakingly beautiful national park – everything you hear about Yosemite is right there.

Emanuel, Nick, Brendon, Natalie, Guilia

The first OutdoorWeek was more awesome, fun and exciting than we could have hoped!

January 13th – Goodbyes in LA

After roughly 600 miles in our now trusted RVs our epic adventure had come to an end right back where we started.

We hope to see the whole squad again on future OutdoorWeeks and we hope you all will be there to enjoy them with us!

Recap Video

OutdoorMaster Crew

Eric Nibelius

Emanuel Tammelin


Nick Pescetto @nickpescetto


Gionata Livorti @jonnylivorti

Content creators

Ethan Field @thefieldprojects

Natalie Paladin @nataliekpaladin

Giulia Calcaterra @giuliacalcaterra

Brendon Hayward @brendonhayward

Chris Rogers @chrisrogers

Winner of our customer OutdoorWeek contest

Dalon Harnden

Stay tuned for more bangers and awesome content pouring out on our Instagram and Facebook.

Stay awesome and see you in the outdoors!

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