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Affordable Bike Helmet with MIPS Outdoor Master Introduces GEM

Affordable Bike Helmet with MIPS Outdoor Master Introduces GEM

At just $69.99, Bike Helmet with MIPS Outdoor Master Gem is among the most accessible cycling helmets equipped with MIPS technology ever

Seeking to combine one of the most validated helmet safety technologies regarding rotational forces with the lowest possible price, Outdoor Master today launches the Gem, a cycling helmet equipped with Mips technology for adults and children that costs just $69.99.

The Gem can be purchased online today on Outdoor Master and on Amazon, where Outdoor Master’s ski and skateboard helmets have earned numerous Best Seller awards and earned overwhelmingly positive reviews.


  • Mips® safety system
  • Ultra-lightweight (250 grams)
  • Choose from 10 colors
  • CPSC-certified to ensure maximum safety for children
  • Removable and washable liners
  • Ergonomic design, full compatibility with ponytails
  • Twenty-five air vents for maximum ventilation

About Outdoor Master

Since 2016, Outdoor Master has lowered the barrier to outdoor sports through high-quality, long-lasting, yet affordably priced outdoor gear for a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including cycling, skiing, skateboarding, water sports, and more. In 2022, Outdoor Master became an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team, as well as the official sponsor of two Olympic athletes who competed in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Noah Vicktor of Germany and Lara Wolf of Austria. Learn more about Outdoor Master at here.

About MIPS

MIPS specializes in helmet-based safety and is the market leader in this field. The MIPS® safety system is based on an "ingredient brand" model and is sold to the helmet industry worldwide. The MIPS® safety system is patent protected and based on 25 years of research, testing and development in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. The company's headquarters are also located here, with more than 60 employees working in research and development, sales, marketing and administration, and the test center.

Currently, MIPS works with 143 helmet manufacturers, the safety system is used in 833 models and was integrated into 12.6 million helmets worldwide in 2021 alone. For more information, visit mipsprotection.

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