Outdoor Master’s Eco-Friendly Acts for 2022

by MAYI on Sep 14, 2022


In 2022, Outdoor Master participated in several environmental initiatives to protect the Earth.

Donation to the POW Organization

Outdoor Master has donated to the Protect Our Winters organization. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, and we want to help make this a reality by supporting the POW organization. Pushing forward to our brand spirit #DoWhatYouBelieve, by offering solid gear and reasonable price, Outdoor Master lowers the barrier of outdoor sports. 

The POW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting our planet by promoting winter sports and environmental activism through education and advocacy. By supporting the organization, we are helping educate the public about the importance of protecting the environment and ensuring that our planet is protected for future generations to enjoy. We are passionate about preserving the environment and encouraging others to do the same, which is why we are passionate about supporting the POW organization.

Eco-friendly Ski Goggles

In addition to our donation, we have also implemented several eco-friendly measures at our office and in our production process to help do our part to help protect the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment further.

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Pro Plus Series - Limited Edition

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Our company is committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness. We recently released a new practical, fashionable and environmentally friendly product, all at the same time. The Eco-Friendly Ski Goggles are made from cotton and bamboo extracts that are 95% biodegradable.

95% of the materials used in our manufacturing process are derived from sustainable resources, and we strongly believe in reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment for future generations.

The straps of each Eco-Friendly Ski Goggle are made from bamboo, whilst the lenses are made from cotton extract, a natural mineral which has up to 12 times the tint of plastic lenses. By using these raw and sustainable materials, we can reduce our impact on the environment without compromising on quality or performance.

Simon Beck Co-design Eco-friendly Ski Goggles

This year, we collaborated with snowshoeing artist Simon Beck to use his art as our major branding initiative to advocate and inspire people to care about the planet and stay active outside in Nature with our company.

We must remind ourselves that we are stewards of the Earth and that what we do matters. If we take care of the Earth now, she will take care of us in the future.

Simon Beck x Outddor Master Ski goggles straps

Simon Beck x Outdoor Master

Inspired by Simon Beck's footprints on the snow

The Outdoor Master x Simon Beck snow goggles collaboration featured design elements inspired by Simon's footprints. The straps of his goggles serve as a natural canvas for his creations. The inspiration behind this piece was to pay homage to the environment, something that Simon is passionate about protecting.

“I look at this project as an exploration of nature - a representation of organic forms that inspire my work and life.” This limited edition collection embodies the spirit of the outdoors with striking artistic details and bold designs.

OM X Simon Beck Art Snow Goggles

OM X Simon Beck Art Snow Goggles

Pro Series - Snowshoeing Art Limited Edition

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We genuinely believe in the power of art and design to raise awareness for important issues like protecting our planet and ensuring it stays beautiful and intact for future generations. We hope to inspire more people to go out and explore the great outdoors, get active and positively contribute to the environment.

In the future, we hope to contribute more to our local communities by supporting the organizations that are doing great work in protecting our environment and creating winter gear that is great for the environment too.

If you have any Eco idea, feel free to share with us down below the comment section! Or if you’re a rather shy person, you are more than welcome to email mayi@outdoormaster.com to share your brilliant ideas!


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