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ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

UCT Tech(Ultra-Chroma Transmittance),OVP Lens(Optimal Visual Perception)3x VS Treatment
$99.99 $139.99
Black Sonic Strap VLT 10% Silver Lens + Clear Lens VLT 90%
Black Sonic Strap VLT 10% Silver Lens + Light Blue Lens VLT 85%
Black OM Strap VLT 10% Silver Lens + Light Blue Lens VLT 85% / USA
Black Mountain Strap VLT 17% Silver Pink Color Optimization Lens + VLT 90% Clear Lens
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PRO PLUS Snow Goggles

Frameless design with Color-Optimization Technology
$35.99 $79.99
Black Frame Color Optim. Silver REVO Lens VLT 13.3%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Gold REVO Lens VLT 13%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Sapphire REVO Lens VLT 22%
Black Frame Color Optim. Orange Lens VLT 29%
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ULTRA Replacement Lens

10+ Different Magnetic Lens
Color Optimization, Super HD, 3x Anti-Fog Coating
VLT 13% Grey Lens with Full REVO Sapphire Blue
VLT 17% Grey Lens with Full REVO Pink
VLT 11% Grey Lens with Full REVO Radiant Blue
VLT 10% Grey Lens with Full Sliver
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PRO Color-optimizing Replacement Lens

With color-optimization technology for high clarity and visual effect in flat light.
VLT 25% Orange with REVO Red
VLT 22% Orange with REVO Pink
VLT 29% Orange
VLT 22% Orange with REVO Sapphire
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ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens BundleUltra PRO PLUS Snow GogglesPro Plus OM X Simon Beck Art Snow GogglesOM X Simon Beck
Lens Shape Toric Spherical Spherical
100% UV400
Interchangeable Lens Yes-Magnetic Yes-Magnetic Yes-Magnetic
*Outdoor Master Polarized Ski Goggles Comparison

Flat light, shadows, and sunlight all play a part in how well you can see while skiing or snowboarding. Our brains and eyes interpret colors in a complex way, so wearing color-optimized ski goggles makes a massive difference to how you see on the mountain.

These goggles allow you to fully appreciate the color of the sky, trees, snow, and those retro ski suits that still find their way onto the slopes. But they also enhance your vision in other ways.

What Are Color-Optimized Ski Goggles?

Color-optimized ski goggles provide ultra-high-definition vision in all light conditions. This means that you can see better no matter what environment you're skiing in.

If you want to ride seeing vivid colors, improved depth perception, and experience reduced eye strain, you will benefit from wearing color-optimized goggles.

How do Outdoor Master Color Optimized Goggles work?

color optimization lens light color spectrum

Our eyes see snow as white; however, it often appears as a shade of blue as it reflects the sky, similar to the ocean. The reason for this reflected hue is that most of the color spectrum is dominated by blue.

The problem with this is that it can dramatically affect how we perceive colors. This can make our vision blurry and lack contrast, making our time on the slopes dangerous and unpleasant.

To overcome the poor vision produced by blue light reflecting off the snow, Outdoor Master has developed an in-house Color-Optimization Technology.

color optimization lens light color transmissiion

The technology limits the amount of blue light that enters your eyes. This results in boosted contrast that helps you pick out the details in the snow and terrain. Therefore, you can head for the best snow and avoid the bad stuff and hazards in all light conditions.

The Outdoor Master Color Optimization goggles also improve color brightness. This enhances your ability to see irregularities in the snow and gives you superior visibility, allowing you to spot crevasses, moguls, slightly covered rocks, and depressions in the snow.

View color-optimized ski goggles effect. 

Outdoor Master Color Optimization Ski Goggles

Outdoor Master ULTRA Snow Goggles

ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Color Optimization, Super HD & 3x Anti-Fog Coating

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The Outdoor Master Ultra XL snow goggles have a color-optimized lens that works hand in hand with our Super HD Technology. The combination of the two technologies gives you an incredibly clear view of the slopes and your surroundings while reducing eye strain.

This lens is also a toric lens, which curves to the shape of your face and eyes. The benefit of the toric lens shape is that it blends the low distortion associated with cylindrical lenses and the wide peripheral vision of spherical lenses.

On top of this, the Outdoor Master Ultra XL snow goggles use a 3X anti-fog coating and ventilation. This is combined with the lens's ability to absorb moisture before it becomes water vapor, which would block your vision.

Outdoor Master has also equipped them with triple-layer foam to further enhance these goggles' anti-fogging properties. The foam provides a comfortable fit and prevents moisture from forming on the lens.

The quality of Outdoor Master Ultra XL snow goggles means you'll want to wear them all day. So the lens provides 100% UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun.

Outdoor Master PRO PLUS Snow Goggles

PRO PLUS Snow Goggles>

PRO PLUS Snow Goggles

with UltraLens - Color-Optimization Technology

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The Outdoor Master PRO PLUS snow goggles also have a color-optimized lens and Super HD Technology. You also get the in-house designed anti-fog coating and triple-layered foam to ensure your vision isn't impaired by water vapor landing on the lens.

Even though the lens is heavily resistant to fogging and works well in most lighting conditions, you can change the lens in seconds. This is thanks to the magnetic interchangeable lens system that firmly holds the lens but effortlessly pops off when you want it to.

When the sun reflects off the snow, its harmful effects are amplified. Therefore, the Outdoor Master PRO PLUS snow goggles' lens has 100% UV400 protection. This blocks all harmful rays from entering your eyes, providing a stress-free time on the mountain, so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and staying safe.

To help you to extend the life of the lens, it has a robust impact-resistant coating. It is also highly resistant to scratches, so you can use it for many winters to come.

You can be sure that you can wear these goggles with comfort and security. They are designed to be worn with most helmets and to work with their ventilation to further ensure that the lens won't fog up. You can fine-tune the adjustable straps to ensure that you get a secure fit, while the weight and shape mean that they are as comfortable as they can be.


What is the best color ski goggle lens for flat light?

Choosing a lens with a high VLT (visual light transmission) is best for low and flat light conditions. These lenses are usually amber, rose, or yellow with a light tint, providing you with better contrast on darker days.

What color lens is best for night skiing?

When you're night skiing, you want as much light to pass through your lens as possible. Therefore, it's best to choose a yellow or clear lens so you can see all the details and irregularities in the snow while protecting your eyes.

What is the best color lens for skiing in bright sunlight?

Choose a lens with a low VLT (visual light transmission) to ensure you can see properly on a sunny day. High VLT lenses are often gray, bronze, or black. These colors significantly reduce glare and improve color perception and contrast.

What UV rating should ski goggles be?

Your ski goggles should protect your eyes from 100% UV light. The sun's rays are stronger when skiing, as UV reflects off the snow and can damage your eyes. Therefore, you should only buy ski goggles with 100% UV protection.

Can you wear Outdoor Master goggles with glasses?

All outdoor master goggles are OTG (over-the-glasses); therefore, you can wear your glasses without discomfort or distorted vision.

Why do ski goggles have two lenses?

Quality ski and snowboard goggles are fitted with dual lenses to combat the lens from fogging. The idea is to separate the colder external temperature from the warmth of your face. This separation stops the internal surface of the lens from fogging.

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