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Ski & Snowboard Size Guide

Posted by Outdoor Master on
Ski & Snowboard Size Guide

Looking to pick up a new pair of skis or snowboard this season? Read on to get an idea of what size you should get.

We have made a quick guide to the right size for your skis and snowboard.

There is a lot of information on the subject of the right skis or snowboard, like what style, width, flex and more. You'll easily find more info if you want to dig deeper.

Here we will cover the most basic factor, what length you should go for.


You might want to choose shorter skis within your range if you: 

  • Are a beginner to intermediate skier
  • Like to make quick turns
  • Weigh less than average for your height

You want to opt for longer skis within your range if you:

  • Ski a lot off trail
  • Ski fast and aggressively
  • Weigh more than your average for you height

There are some differences in how different brands measure their skis, so pay attention to that.

Ski poles length for different uses:

  • Normal slope riding- 90 degrees, or slightly less
  • Powder riding- less than 90 degrees
  • Park riding- short, to avoid your staves blocking your vision when riding switch and have them closer to your body in general. 


The biggest factor when choosing a snowboard size is your weight. Your board's length should be somewhere between your chin and your eyes.

Additionally, there are a few other factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your board

You want to go for a shorter board if:

  • You are a beginner
  • You primarily ride in the park
  • Your weight is below average for your height

And a longer board if:

  • If you ride mountain, powder or freeriding can you go for a longer board in your size range.
  • You weigh more than average for your height

We hope that you're now feeling a little bit more confident looking around for your new snowboard or skis! It's always a good idea to visit a store with professionals who can help you if you are buying your first pair of skis or your first snowboard.

Of course, if you need any other gear, like goggleshelmets, check out our winter gear range.

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