4 Seasons Backpacking Tent for 2 Person

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Structural Stability, Two People Available

  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Windproof and rainproof
  • strong and sturdy
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Easy to install



Four-Layer Special Material

OutdoorMaster's four-season tent is not only durable but also designed to withstand any weather conditions. The tent is constructed using four high-quality materials: the 210T Spring Asia Textile provides a strong and waterproof outer layer, while the Blackout Material ensures complete darkness for a comfortable night's sleep. The Aluminum Foil helps to reflect heat and keep the interior cool, and the PU coating adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.
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Double-Layer Structure

The OutdoorMaster tent features a one-of-a-kind double-layer design that offers top-notch protection and comfort during your outdoor excursions. The inner layer is crafted from strong and breathable materials for optimal ventilation and temperature regulation. Meanwhile, the outer layer boasts waterproof and windproof fabric to keep you warm and dry in any weather. This unique design allows you to fully appreciate the wonders of nature while staying secure and cozy.
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Not afraid of any environment

The OutdoorMaster tent is the ultimate companion for your outdoor adventures, even in the harshest and coldest of environments. With its durable and weather-resistant materials, it provides a safe and secure haven for you to rest and recharge amidst the icy and snowy wilderness. So no matter where your journey takes you, you can trust in the OutdoorMaster tent to be your reliable shelter and protector.
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Waterproof and Durable

The OutdoorMaster tent is equipped with an 8.5mm thick pole hook design, providing sturdy support for the tent structure. It also features a convenient shoe compartment design, allowing you to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your belongings. Additionally, there are 2 spacious mesh pockets for storing your larger items.

Quick Opening Bracket

The OutdoorMaster tent is equipped with a quick opening bracket, making it easy and convenient to set up. With just a few simple steps, you can have your tent up and ready in no time. This feature is perfect for those who want to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors, rather than struggling to set up their shelter. The bracket is also durable and strong, ensuring your tent remains stable and secure throughout your camping trip.
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Humanized Design

OuterMaster tent is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with its waterproof and durable material. With a PU coating of 5000mm and sealed seams, it ensures that you stay dry and comfortable in any season. Whether it's raining, snowing, or windy, this tent has got you covered.
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Customer Reviews

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Not Waterproof

Tent is great for moderate climates, though is NOT waterproof in winter conditions.

Justin Holtz
Pretty small, cheap but good

I was hoping it was a little bigger but I guess it’ll do. The floor is really thin material so you’ll want to throw a tarp down first. If you are planning on using a heat source I’d be very careful. There isn’t much room and I’m sure this would burn/melt very easily being how thin everything is. The outer layer tho isn’t bad at all. I’m sure it’ll hold some heat in and seems more durable than the rest of the material. I’d probably spend a little more on better quality if I camped a lot but I’ll only be using this a handful of times a year so it’ll work.

ryan d.
Good tent

Pretty good tent, waterproof, mostly wind proof, definitely not 4 seasons as is.. it it gets any colder than 45 ish, you need insulation.. The rain fly extends all the way to the ground but is not weighted so it can get drafty.. it is a little small, two people will fit, but with very little room for gear, perfect for one person or one person with a dog.. I have a 110+ pound dog and it's just enough room for us a full size bed and some gear.. the floor material is a little on the thinner side, but has held up so far, but I would recommend a blanket at least for some insulation, it's like it absorbs the cold.. the poles are a little on the cheap side, but I've seen cheaper and it's held up through everything so far

Josie O.
Good for improvised trips.

Nice small tent i keep in my truck in case we do a longer trip than anticipated. Just park and set up the tent and save some money on a motel. The flooring is blocking dampness and with the rainproof tarp on top of the tent keeps you dry. Pretty easy to assemble and the bag is small when packed so its easy to stiore.

A Reasonably Good 'Beginner' Tent

We've used this tent for 17 days and nights now. As 'beginner' tents go, it's pretty good. I call it a 'beginner' tent because it lacks many of the features a more advanced tent has. It might be better to call this a 'hybrid' tent because it has unique properties.

This tent is heavy enough to be considered a 'car camping' tent. I wouldn't want to backpack with this tent due to its weight. The tent is a 'hub-type' pole arrangement, which pops up to full size when the tension release buttons are pushed. There is no struggle to thread poles through fabric channels or loops. It's easy and quick to pitch this tent. Unfortunately, the tent itself doesn't provide rain or UV protection. It's made of a sheer mesh that keeps bugs out but doesn't block rain or sun.

The rain fly that comes with this tent provides rain and sun protection. It's a 210D nylon with a metal foil-type coating on the bottom. The fly is 5000m waterproof, the minimum rating for a tarp to be rainproof. This means that the fabric can withstand 5,000 mm of water pressure within 24 hours before it leaks. Theoretically, you could stand in the rain until 5,000 mm of rain falls before you start getting wet. However, 5,000 mm is only going to stand up to a light shower or maybe some drizzle. But that's only with the rainfly in place. Without it, there is zero protection.

The rain fly is heavier, fabric-wise, than the rest of the tent. It takes the bulk of room when packing it up. The biggest issue with the rainfly was that it took time to position it over the mesh tent correctly. There is no clear alignment position, and the fly can shift or slide off to one side. The entire tent - tent and rainfly - doesn't fare very well in the wind. With gusts of approximately 25 mph, the tent and fly became unstable.

Described as a 'two=person' tent, this might fit two kids, but adults would have difficulty. The longest length of the inside is 84 inches. That's 84 inches on the floor, but the sides of the tent slant inward. I''m 6'6" and consider this tent a bit crowded since my feet nearly touch one side of the tent while my head touches the other. To be comfortable sleeping, two feet should be added to the height of a person - one foot for feet, one foot for head distance from the wall. This would make a good tent to protect kids from the sun on a not-too-windy day.