Portable Pop Up Tent

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Available For The Whole Family, Waterproof

  • For The Whole Family
  • UPF 50
  • Versatile Design
  • Lightweight & Compact



Portable Pop Up Tent For The Whole Family

This Portable Pop Up beach tent boasts a unique circular design, providing a 20% increase in capacity compared to regular triangular designs. With enough room for 2 adults and 1-2 kids to comfortably sit inside, it is an ideal choice for family road trips, camping, or backpacking.
beach umbrella 180° adjustable

Easy Set Up & Take Down

Setting up the beach tent is a breeze and takes just a few minutes. Unlike many other beach tents, OutdoorMaster's design allows for easy folding, enabling it to be packed down to a compact travel size of 16.77 x 7.8 x 6.24 inches. Its lightweight build and the inclusion of a compact carrying bag make it convenient to carry during travel and simple to store when not in use.
beach umbrella with sandbag anchors design

UPF 50: Design For Strongest Wind & Sun At Beachside

The beach tent is constructed from premium 210T sun-proof material coated with polyester, providing effective heat blocking and offering 98.5% protection against harmful UV rays. Furthermore, with a robust 4000 mm PU coating, the tent is completely weatherproof, ensuring you remain dry even during rain or light snow.
beach umbrella with cup holders

Versatile Design

Includes a built-in zippered door that offers privacy for changing into dry clothes. Additionally, the shade features an extended front floor, providing extra space for various activities. The sun shade's ample mesh panels not only offer beautiful views but also enhance cross-ventilation, effectively managing condensation.
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Come with a compact design. Only Weighs 4.86 Lbs. Take down and pack up in a bag to carry around easily.
beach umbrella lightweight and compact

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Great for the beach or lake, do not set up in strong wind

The first time we tried to set this up at the beach there were some big wind gusts and because of that it splintered a pole, making it no longer functional. I reached out to the seller who immediately remedied our problem without delay. I would suggest you set up carefully if you are in windier conditions. It works wonderfully once set up and is a perfect way to get out of the sun while at the beach or the lake. It is light weight and compact for easy storage and transportation. You can easily fit it all back into the original bag when you are done, which is appreciated. It only comes with plastic stakes which don't work all that great if you are having to stake into hard ground, so keep that in mind if you know where you'll be using it. I would recommend this, especially knowing they have great customer service.

Jaa Naa
Very roomy and easy to setup.

What I love about the beach tent is that how easy it is to install. The tent is very roomy from inside and it can have 4 people comfortably inside the tent. It's very portable, I can carry it in my large camping bag without taking much space. The material of this beach tent is comparable to a regular camping tent. It's waterproof and it does block the sun rays. Inside is not too dark when fully closed, so you still get some shadow light inside without feeling like it's dark inside. On a high windy day this tent does flip and flop just make sure that you fasten it really tightly to the ground.

Chrissy Schroer
Super convenient and handy to have

Super easy to set up and folds down small enough to keep in your car for the times you need something like this

Extremely Large- Not for windy weather!

I loved this sunshade tent! It's super big! It's also lightweight! The inside is tall enough to place small chairs and sit comfortably without hitting the ceiling of it. I would avoid setting this tent up on a windy day, or using it during windy weather, as I quickly learned it will turn into a super kite. You can also use it for parks of camping, instead of filling the side sacks with sand, you can fill them with heavy rocks, or use the ground stakes. There is a downside of using the stakes because they are made of plastic, and are not very durable. You definitely will not be able to put them in hard ground. You cannot hammer them down either because the plastic will warp or break. I suggest purchasing metal stakes if you wish to use it on other grounds aside from the beach. It's big enough to put in a twin air mattress and zip up completely. My family had a great time with shade and protection from insects when we took this tent on a test run.


Omg I love this so much!! It's so easy to put up an take down very sturdy love the window and that you can cover them up. Perfect for large folks too very spacious. Love it!!