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Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin: What You Should Know

Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin: What You Should Know

Underwater sea scooters can carry you large distances to explore beautiful cool caves and wrecks underwater.

Since electric sea scooters are not built equal, it is normal to question if Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin is capable of helping you live your dream of getting around underwater like a dolphin.

My goal in this article is to help you have a clear idea of if this underwater scooter is what you are looking for.

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underwater sea scooter motor

The first thing I liked about this underwater scooter (Marlin) is the ability it gives the rider to control its speed.

With Underwater Sea Scooter MARLIN, you have three-speed modes (slow, middle, and fast). The fastest one has a speed of 3.35 mph (5.3km/h), which equals 4.9 feet per second.

Yes, this is not that fast compared to cars or motorbikes, but with how differently our bodies feel speeds underwater, you will be excited being that fast exploring the underwater world.

Another cool thing that you should know about Marlin underwater sea scooter is that its speed does not decrease as the battery power decrements. It delivers the same speeds until it is totally powered off.


underwater sea scooter battery life

This electric sea scooter is able to provide you with fun underwater for about 10 to 30 minutes depending on the speed mode you use, how strong the current you’re in, and how heavy you are.

The battery is removable on the Underwater Sea Scooter MARLIN. That means if one of your friends or relatives has the same gadget and you can borrow his battery, you can continue your underwater exploring without waiting for the battery to charge again.

This underwater scooter has four LED battery indicators that let you easily know how much power is left inside the battery. If the battery is about to die, a quick flashing light indicates that.

If the battery is dead, it will take you about 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged.

Connecting and disconnecting the battery is an easy and self-explanatory task.

A security feature that I want you to be aware of is that the battery can become warm with extensive use, so if you plug the battery and it does not start to charge, that means it needs a little bit of time to cool down. Just keep it plugged, it will start to charge on its own when it is appropriate.


The design of this sea scooter is well thought out.

The Underwater Sea Scooter MARLIN handles offer enough arms width to hold it comfortably and without feeling tired if you hold it tightly for a long period.

Another cool feature that I thank the Marlin designers for is how able it is to float on its own. That means, let's say I want to get something from my tight pocket or take a picture using both of my hands, this underwater scooter will not sink to the bottom.

This reasonably priced underwater scooter is easy to use. To start your underwater fun, all you have to do after unlocking the switch is to press and hold both triggers in order to start the propeller, then while holding the left trigger, press the right one twice to increase the speed.

To do the opposite, which is to decrease the speed, hold the right trigger, and press the left trigger twice. I’m sure that this becomes easier after the first time using it.

The thing that I want you to know about because it is important and it helps prolong the life of your sea scooter, is to always rinse it or soak it in fresh water for several minutes after every use and then dry it in order to remove any things that can cause corrosion.


underwater sea scooter weight

With a weight of 7.7 lbs (including the battery), the Marlin underwater sea scooter is easily transportable and can be taken whenever you might want to go for a dive.


Another great feature of the Marlin sea scooter is that it can be used at depths up to 99 ft (30 m).

This is more than enough since the majority of corals are found at depths less than 150 ft, which means you can have a great coral reef tour with the Marlin underwater scooter.


The Marlin underwater scooter can be used to have fun in multiple water bodies. It can be used in lakes, shallower water, and the open ocean.

With how compact and lightweight it is, you can take it with you on your boating or paddleboarding trip.

If you are a recreational snorkeler and diver, you will love shallow dives or other cool things you can do with this gadget like chasing fish.


When cheap underwater scooters start at $200 and professional ones can go for more than $2,000, the Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin comes at an affordable price of just $459.99 at the time of writing this article (check today’s price). 





underwater sea scooter compact design

If you think of how to take memories underwater or how to share the fun with others, you have a camera mount that let you attach a GoPro for example, and record your underwater adventures.


With this technology, this sea scooter is able to control the torque of the motor to experience a quiet underwater adventure.


underwater sea scooter child safty lock

Since the Underwater Sea Scooter MARLIN can be operated with easy-to-press triggers that kids or children can accidentally press, it has a lock button that stops any dangerous misoperation.


Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin is positively buoyant. That means, it can float to the saltwater’s surface on its own.


underwater scooter





  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight, making it useable by kids
  • Easy to transport
  • High maximum depths
  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in action camera mount
  • Floats if you lose grip
  • Shuts off automatically when you let go of the buttons on each handle


  • Spare battery packs are not sold separately
  • Max operating time is just about 30 minutes


I recommend this sea scooter for any casual diver looking for a little more power to be able to explore more while diving.

I recommend it also for families who want to try this new fun dimension.


underwater scooter FAQ
How do underwater scooters work?

Scuba or dive scooters use a waterproof engine and a small propeller (or two) that is powered by a built-in battery in order to help the diver move through the water with less effort.

Can I carry this sea scooter by plane?

The question of can I bring a gadget like that with me on an airplane or not depends largely on the battery capacity.

The Marlin battery capacity is 126Wh, which means, with the airline's approval, you may carry it with you on the airplane.

Are sea scooters safe?

Similar to the majority of electric gadgets, it is safe as long as you stay within its specified limits.

Limits that you should stay within while using the Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin are your body weight, the maximum depth you go to, cleaning it from saltwater after every use, proper storage, ensuring you have enough battery life to safely return to the surface of the shore, and being aware of the weather conditions or any dangerous currents that may exist.

Another thing that you should think of, especially with kids, are long hair. If you or your child has long hair, you should tie it up to keep it away from the propellers.

How can I store my Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin?

Storing this sea scooter over the winter is simple. What you should do is clean it with fresh water to remove any residual salts or chemicals and dry it before storing it away from extreme heat or direct sunlight in a dry and dark place.

After every three months of storage, you should fully charge the battery again to keep it in good condition.

Should I have a snorkeling experience to use it?

Having a snorkeling experience is not required but it's definitely a plus. Knowing how to swim is required for your own safety.

Does this sea scooter harm the environment?

Since the Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin uses a battery, there are no emissions going into the water while using it.

Does my sea scooter come with a warranty?

Yes, the Underwater Sea Scooter Marlin comes with a 2-year warranty.

What about the return policy?

If you changed your mind within 30 days of the original transaction, you can return it unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

What should I consider while comparing it to other sea scooters?

Other than the price tag which is obvious, factors that you can consider while comparing this sea scooter to other ones are how deep they can go, how fast they are underwater, how long they go between charges, and how durable they are.